Teachers Are ‘Too Scared’ To Work, But Won’t Even Get Vaccinated

Oh, we can say so much about how teachers’ unions exploited the pandemic to get what they wanted. Long before COVID, these groups were notorious for using any excuse they could to get out of work. All those snow days that forced your kids to stay home? It was because their teachers didn’t want to drive to work. Teachers’ unions are largely responsible for low test scores, poor graduation levels, and overall failures of our public school system.

It’s because they prioritize themselves, rather than the students. Yet they have the audacity to demand more funding for their corrupt mafia-like organizations.

But it all came to a head during the pandemic. Teachers protested in the streets, claiming they’d “die” if they were forced to go to work. Some of them even dragged around coffins to make their point. Funny how they weren’t worried about catching COVID during all that protesting?

In some places, they didn’t even want to do Zoom classes in place of regular teaching. So… they wanted to get paid, for doing no work at all? And parents wonder why their kids are so stupid!

In one county, the teachers claimed they were too scared to go to school, because they might catch COVID. Yet, we are now learning that some teachers didn’t even bother to get vaccinated. Why? Because it was a requirement to go back to work.

Montgomery County Public Schools Chief of Teaching, Learning and Schools Janet Wilson said last week that 25% to 30% of its employees — or more than 6,000 — had not been vaccinated, Bethesda Beat reported.

That’s despite the county offering the vaccines to teachers before regular citizens. Only 75% of employees ever requested a vaccine.

The suburban Maryland school system, one of the largest in the country, was closed for about a year, with teachers repeatedly objecting to administrators’ plans to reopen by saying they feared the virus. [Source: Daily Wire]

Twice the county tried to reopen the schools. But the union called them “irresponsible.” You’d think these teachers were really worried about the spread of COVID? Then why did nearly 30% of these teachers not bother to get the vaccine–even when it was being offered to them first and for free?

Gee, we don’t really have to think too hard about that.

These unions are more corrupt than the ones ran by Al Capone. They saw COVID as a golden goose that could lay for them whatever demands they wanted. These crooked teachers realized that they had school boards trapped. Parents wanted their kids back in school. All teachers had to do was make a big stink about the spread of COVID.

The unions believed they could coerce billions of dollars out of the federal government to get things unrelated to the pandemic. Which, of course, they did. Some of their demands included state-of-the-art air conditioning systems and other luxuries.

Yet this statistic out of Montgomery proves their protests were all a scam. These unions were not concerned with the virus or “slowing the spread.” They just wanted to milk our country out of cash–during one of the worst chapters of our history.

What do you call people who try to make out like bandits, when everyone else is hurting? The lowest of the low.

Author: Tim Smith