DeSantis Picks His Next Target – And RINO’s Are Sweating

How determined are Democrats at forcing socialism onto our country? So determined, that they’d brainwash our children into believing lies about our history.

Democrats have been pushing a set of curriculum in public schools that ignores our proud history and instead paints our founding fathers as monsters. This so-called “critical race theory” seeks to smear our history and heritage, so students grow up hating their own country.

The goal is obvious: to make an entire generation of Americans embrace a radical transformation of our country, so that we resemble Soviet Russia more than the United States.

Critical race theory is loved by leftists and liberals–including Joe Biden, whose education secretary has tried to push it in schools. But it is largely hated by a growing number of Americans. Many states have banned it.

And in Florida, the governor has gone farther than just blocking it in the public schools. He made this vow to Republicans who embrace the toxic ideology.

During an interview that aired Saturday night on “Unfiltered with Dan Bongino,” DeSantis promised to aim his “political apparatus” against any Republican school board candidate who supports either critical race theory or mandatory masking for schoolchildren…

“As you said, these local elections matter. We are going to get the Florida political apparatus involved so we can make sure there’s not a single school board member, Republican, who ever indulges critical race theory,” DeSantis added. [Source: Daily Wire]

DeSantis had already taken steps at the state level to prevent CRT from being taught in Florida schools. He has directed his Commissioner of Education to ban “any departure from accurate history.” That would include CRT, which sacrifices actual history for a revisionist one.

But that’s not good enough for DeSantis. Knowing that local school boards might seek to undermine state mandates, he is assuring Republican candidates that they will not enjoy the support of the governor, if they embrace this curriculum.

You might wonder why any Republican would support a theory that slanders our founding fathers and seeks to rewrite U.S. history. We doubt most Republicans would on the face of it. But if they are running in a liberal district, they might claim to embrace this idea to win votes. Or, pressure from a school board might get them to bend.

The governor will not tolerate any Republicans who would so easily betray their values. His stance will ensure that Republican school board members embrace an accurate depiction of our history, one that honors all the good our founding fathers did–while not ignoring their mistakes.

This is just one issue where Florida is leading the conservative movement. In the wake of Joe Biden’s administration, Florida has jumped to the forefront to defend our rights, values, and liberties. We shouldn’t be surprised to learn that other conservative leaders do the same as DeSantis in their states.

Biden will soon have a war on his hands, over this bogus theory.

Author: Alex Smith