Trump Exposes Big Techs Wicked Role In 2020 Election Fraud

Donald Trump continues his relentless attacks on those who arguably committed one of biggest political crimes in modern history – the fraudulent 2020 presidential election.

The Former President named Mark Zuckerberg, Founder and CEO of Facebook, as a main player in contributing to voter fraud when, along with his wife Priscilla Chan, spend $350 million to help local election offices erect a series of ballot drop boxes in various areas with majority Democrat voters.

“Zuckerberg broke the law, spending millions of dollars — millions of dollars to get out the vote in highly Democrat areas,” Trump said during a speech to the North Carolina Republican Party.

“This election will go down as the crime of the century, and our country is being destroyed by people who perhaps have no right to destroy it.”

Of course the Zuckerbergs’ didn’t directly or personally donate to Democrat efforts to steal the election. Instead, in an effort to conceal their impropriety, funneled the donations through a small nonprofit group based in Chicago — Center for Tech and Civic Life. The organization quickly amassed millions of dollars in donations to assist local offices to steal the election through a series of “election grants.”

The Center for Tech and Civic Life funneled millions to more than 2,500 local election offices in 2020 and 2021. These jurisdictions were apparently underfunded as a result of depleted budgets, wasting taxpayer money to hire more election workers, postage and printing to enable the mass mail-out of absentee ballots. Election officials claim their increased spending was accommodate the increasing number of voters who wished to participate in the 2020 primaries, yet it doesn’t take a political scientist to understand what really happened.

A large portion of the $350 million Zuckerberg donation also paid for the ballot boxes so convienently placed in heavily Democratic voting areas.

The Zuckerbergs’ organization refused to exhibit any transparency regarding how or where their funding was used. However, after immense pressure from Republicans, the group decided to list the jurisdictions that received funding, but did not reveal the specific dollar amount for each local election office.

However, after a series of interviews and a deep-dive of public records, it became clear The Center for Tech and Civil Life focused their funding on the logistics of the 2020 election: increasing pay for poll workers, providing extra equipment to process millions of mail-in-ballots, and expanding early-voting sites by erecting ready-made structures in which to conceal massive fraud.

Trump also condemned Big Tech for deplatforming him, accusing Silicon Valley overlords of ruining the country. He seemed disinterested in waiting two years for his Facebook ban to be lifted.

“They may allow me back in two years. We got to stop that, we can’t let it happen — so unfair,” he said, adding, “We Will break up the Big Tech Monopoly. We will reject left-wing cancel culture.”

Trump’s speech was mostly throttled by Mainstream Media outlets, but CSPAN aired it live in its entirety, tagging it as a “Campaign 2024” event. His full speech can be watched here:

Author: Nolan Sheridan