Biden Engages In Mexican Standoff – We All Know Who Will Back Down First

Even a child can see that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are nothing like their predecessors. In Donald Trump and Mike Pence, we had real leaders. Grown-ups who knew how to make smart decisions and do what was best for the American public.

But the idiots who are in the White House now are either children or so corrupt they go out of their way to hurt the country. I don’t even know which is worse.

Joe Biden created a migrant crisis on the border when he ended Trump’s migration policies. Some suspect he did it on purpose, to create a crisis similar to what fundamentally altered European nations. The administration is scrambling to find “solutions” to end the problem. Harris even flew to Guatemala to beg their president to help prevent more illegals from rushing to the U.S.

Of course, because Harris and Biden are wimps, the foreign president (among other nations), is trying to extort as much as he can from the U.S. Including this demand.

President Joe Biden should help Guatemalans get Americans’ wages — in exchange for Guatemala helping to curb the flow of worldwide migrants across the border, according to Guatemalan President Alejandro Giammattei…

The answer came after a reporter asked about Guatemala’s proposal that the roughly one million Guatemalan migrants living in the United States be awarded “Temporary Protected Status” (TPS) by Biden’s deputies. The TPS status allows illegal migrants to stay and work in the United States for many years…

Guatemala’s border stretches from the Atlantic to the Pacific, so it is in a position to could block migration if its officials reject bribes by migrants. [Source: Breitbart]

If you’re not sure what’s going on, let me make it plain. The Guatemalan President is trying to shake down the U.S. in exchange for protecting the border. Guatemala is in an advantageous spot in Central America. Their border with Mexico is very narrow–and most migrants have to cross through it to reach the U.S. Guatemala doesn’t have a huge border to defend, so it is the perfect spot to police migrant caravans.

Under Trump, Guatemala agreed to do this of its own free will. I guess they were too afraid to defy an actual American president. Today? They know Biden and Harris for what they really are: idiots. So, the Guatemalan President isn’t going to help without getting something in return. And he claims he will help prevent illegals from rushing our border (minus the ones from Mexico, of course) if we give the Guatemalan illegals already living in America jobs.

If that sounds like some kind of shady, criminal-type bribe, it is. Giammattei isn’t trying to cooperate with America, he’s simply trying to take advantage of the difficult position we’re in.

That is going on all around the world. Because of Biden’s weakness, corruption, and stupidity, countries around the globe are trying to pull a fast one on the United States. China is trying to get out of its obligations over the pandemic (among many other schemes). Russia is trying to take over oil production in Europe. Iran is trying to build WMDs. Palestine is trying to bomb our ally Israel. And Central American countries are trying to both dump illegals into our borders while siphoning aid from our coffers.

And Biden is letting it happen because he is bought and sold by the globalist elite. Also, he is an old man with dementia who doesn’t know what is going on.

(Would a Biden without mental problems do better? Considering his long history of backdoor deals with China and Ukraine, of course not.)

Harris would be a total idiot, an enemy of our country, to accept this offer. For the moment, she doesn’t seem willing to agree to it. But time has a way of making cowards bend the knee.

Author: Joe Anderson