Trump Teams Up With Conservative Media Titan For Groundbreaking Tour

Donald Trump is an unstoppable force. His influence keeps growing — and so does the liberal rage against his every move. Trump’s latest announcement was the kill-shot for those who oppose the America-First agenda.

The great states of Florida and Texas will welcome the Former President and ex-Fox News host Bill O’Reilly for a groundbreaking speaking tour, dubbed “The History Tour.” It’s rumored that the rallies will feature “never before heard” insight into President Trump’s first White House term.

The tour will kick off in December and will include four live conversations between the conservative heroes.

Tickets are up for sale six months in advanced due to immense interest in the events. All ticket sales will be done through Ticketmaster’s website. The first speaking engagement is set for Dec. 11 in Sunrise, Florida.

Though only one other date has officially been announced, the duo will head to Texas after their appearance in Sunrise. Dallas and Houston will be Trump and O’Reilly’s main stopping points.

This announcement comes as the Former President is reportedly expected to make live rally appearances throughout June and July. The rallies will likely mirror those of his 2020 campaign days — the signature airport events that were so popular during his reelection.

Trump broke the news to the South Florida Sun Sentinel I, saying, “We will be focusing on the greatness of our Country, something seldom discussed in current political dialogue.”

He added: “I look forward to working with Bill…to openly discuss the real problems our of Country and how to solve them,” noting, “Additionally, it will be fun for everyone who attends!”

O’Reilly similarly announced his excitement for the tour. Touting his career as a “historian/journalist” Bill stressed the importance of setting the record straight amidst a sea of anonymous sources and Fake News.

Trump’s preferred communication channels have been blocked as of late. Facebook just recently announced his ban until 2023, and Twitter permanently deleted his account. However, the Former President has made a splash with the release of his long-form press releases which widely circulate and amass immediate media attention.

In his statements, Trump delivers his signature, clever, often hilarious, attack lines against his political adversaries. In particular, the Former President does not shy away from debasing the menacing Biden administration and and all of their calamities. Attendees of “The History Tour” will likely hear many of these quips live in person.

Last month Trump destroyed Joe Biden in a statement that made national headlines.

In it he compared Biden with Former President Jimmy Carter, saying, “I see that everyone is comparing Joe Biden with Jimmy Carter. It would seem to me that this is unfair to Jimmy Carter.”

He went on to list the numerous crises caused by the Biden administration, including the border crisis, violence in the Middle East, and the crumbling economy.

Author: Elizabeth Tierney