Democrats Fail To Silence Trump-Loving Americans

Donald Trump was correct when he claimed to be “America’s Favorite President.”

Proof of that exists everywhere, namely in situations where you find average, working class, blue-blooded Americans – like baseball stadiums. Despite efforts from liberal media, Big Tech, or the Democrats themselves to squander Trump’s influence with the heart of America, support for his America-First agenda still emerges everywhere you look.

Even beyond America’s borders, support for Trump is at a record-high.

During her first foreign trip, Kamala Harris was bombarded by Guatemalan Trump supporters holding signs that read: “Kamala, Trump won,” and “Go Home Kamala!” and our favorite, “Kamala, mind you own business!”

Just yesterday a baseball fan unveiled a massive banner in support of the Former President, sparking a giant reaction from other spectators. The Red Sox ran unfurled his banner much to the dismay of online liberals and other Biden voters in the crowd.

“Trump won — Save America,” the banner read as the Red Sox battled the Miami Marlins in their home field at Fenway Park.

Security promptly removed the Trump fan from the stadium, as is always the case. Major League Baseball, along with many pro-sports organizations as of late, have attempted to silence fans from demonstrating their appreciation for the Former President. Despite allowing Left-Wing banners and other BLM propaganda, anything remotely Pro-Trump is categorically banned.

This incident at Fenway Park comes right on the heels of a similar situation just last month.

During a game at Yankee Stadium, two men displayed a gleaming banner in support of Donald Trump. The banner referenced the massive election fraud that Biden and the Democrats pulled off despite the overwhelming evidence against them.

Trump has not backed down from election fraud claims and still considers himself the rightful victor in the 2020 election — and many apparently agree. He’s since coined “The Big Lie” which so brilliantly encapsulates the entire debacle that happened in November.

State Republicans have taken up the charge in Arizona and Georgia to examine what exactly happened in November. A series of recent court victories in both states have enabled Trump-backed officials to exhume mail-in-ballots from Maricopa County and Fulton County – areas most contested by the Former President’s legal team. Biden narrowly pulled of victories in both states. If evidence were to be uncovered, there’s a distinct possibility that results of the election could be overturned.

Author: Nolan Sheridan