CMT Loses All Fans Overnight Thanks To Wokeness

Country Music Television, also known as CMT, had a huge drop in viewership and the promise of a boycott at its incoming awards show because it urged all fans to participate in a mass campaign for gun control. In fact, all viewers are supposed to ‘wear orange’ to show their support.

CMT says that over 100 lives are lost daily thanks to gun violence and they are encouraging the wearing of orange to spread awareness about what they’ve determined is a ‘public health crisis.’ CMT tweeted the ‘wear orange’ campaign information last week, saying that you can go to the website to learn more.

CMT’s viewers are encouraged to remember the lives of those lost to violence from firearms, and to top it all off they’ve partnered with various left-wing groups to further their cause, like Planned Parenthood, Democratic AG Association and Bloomberg Philanthropies. It is also working with other gun control organizations like the Newton Action Alliance and March For Our Lives.

CMT’s Tweet Sparked outrage in the country music community. Over 100 first responses to the page were incredibly unhappy. Only four messages of support were found. About 95% of CMT viewers were disapproving of the message.

Many fans fired back at CMT, claiming that the ridiculous campaign missed key contexts about gun violence. They also threatened to boycott the award show, which is supposed to be hosted by Kane Brown and Kelsea Bellerini.

Some fans even compared their views to that of the Dixie Chicks, who notoriously fell from grace after bringing left-wing politics into the country music arena.

Other viewers pointed out that suicides were more than 50% of that total, and that it’s manipulative to omit that crucial fact, while other viewers refused to give into the new ‘wokeness.’

The truth is, that overall, this was a very bad move on CMTs part. They are guaranteed to lose a majority of their fans over this left-wing stance, as most country music listeners align with right-wing and Republican views. This ‘wear orange’ is a pathetic attempt by CMT to gain viewers, but in fact, they’re shooting themselves in the foot with it. Isn’t that ironic.

Whatever ends up happening, the fact is they are sure to lose millions of fans. Good Riddance, CMT.

Author: Ira Yaetz