Hunter Escapes Cancel-Culture By The Skin On His Neck

Revealing text messages have been leaked from Hunter Biden’s laptop which show that the president’s son enjoys the frequent use of racial slurs and other lewd commentary. However, how has the radical left responded? Remember that this is the same group of people who decided that Dr. Seuss was too edgy to be out in public, while Hunter Biden regularly calls his associates “n***a.”

The answer is that the Democrat-run media establishment have remained entirely silent on the matter in a situation which they would quickly leverage to cancel and damage any of their political opponents.

Text messages which were obtained and published by the Daily Mail showcase Hunter Biden repeatedly making use of the n-word in conversations with his white attorney, George Mesires. Right wing figures quickly picked up the story and showcased the blatant hypocrisy of left-wing media and personalities who are quick to cancel others for very similar improprieties.

Here’s a list of other individuals who were caught using the n-word, however, unlike Hunter Biden, these people faced massive personal and professional consequences.

1. Country Music star Morgan Wallen came under fire when a video emerged on the internet showing him using the n-word during a night out with his friends, calling one of his friends a “p**sy-ass n*****.” In response, WME, his talent agency, dropped him as well as all major streaming platforms and radio networks who were playing his music. He was disqualified from participating in the 2021 ACM awards as well.

2. John Focke was a Charlotte Hornets broadcaster, and was fired for a typo. No seriously, just a typo. He tweeted about the Hornets v Nuggets game but accidentally the tweet spelled out “Hornets-N*****,” instead. He quickly rectified the mistake on Twitter and added an apology that explained his “horrific error,” saying that he felt “sick to my stomach” for the mistake and said that he was “truly sorry. . . to those I offended.” However, his typo cost him his job, and the Charlotte Hornets announced that he was fired for violating the “organization’s social media policy.”

3. Donald McNeil, a veteran New York Times reporter, was forced to resign after 45 years at the popular news outlet for using the n-word in a response to a student’s question. He was asked if a classmate deserved suspension for the use of the n-word in a video that the classmate made. McNeil responded by asking if the slur had been used against someone ad-hominem, if the word was used in a rapping context, or if the word was a quote from a book. “In asking the question,” he lamented, “I used the slur itself,” he wrote in his resignation letter. He said that he thought the “context” in which he examined the word “could be defended. . . I now realized that it cannot.”

This list is a short one, from careless use, to accidental, to academic use, context seems not to matter to the radical left. . . except in cases where it’s the Democrat president’s son, apparently that gives you a free pass.

Author: Lee Dennis