Mandated Vaccines Are Coming — And No One Can Stop Them Now

In Houston, Texas, more than 170 workers at a hospital are to be suspending for refusing to take the COVID vaccine. Not only that, but if they don’t change their minds, they will be fired within two weeks. Talk about tyranny.

Fox News was on the scene and reported that all of these employees are suspended without pay because they all missed the local hospital’s deadline to receive their vaccine on Monday. A completely mandatory deadline that determines what these employees must put in their bodies.

Houston Methodist Hospital is under fire for these ridiculous policies, but the CEO refuses to stand down. The hospital CEO and President, Marc Boom, says that he refuses to give in to the ‘disgruntled’ employees and that he plans to make his hospital one of the safest in the country, despite of them. Yeah, whatever that means.

Boom went on to say that he knows other employees will be sad to lose colleagues that refused vaccination, but he wishes them well and thanks them for the service they rendered at the hospital. He says he “respects” the decision they made to not receive the vaccination, but they won’t be working at the hospital because of it.

Many of the workers have resorted to protesting outside of the hospital to make their point with signs that say, “Vaxx is Venom” and other signs that point to the rights our forefathers fought for in this country.

The only exception the hospital board is willing to make is if an employee has a medical condition, is pregnant or has a religious belief that keeps them from vaccination. Each employee but submit documentation to prove they are pregnant, have a medical problem or had a religious belief before all this happened. It’s total insanity.

Over 100 of the employees have filed lawsuits against the hospital, telling the hospital that it can’t force them to get a vaccine that is experimental and not proven or FDA approved.

One nurse, Jennifer Bridges, is among those on suspension and is suing the hospital. She made it clear that she is willing to take this fight all the way to SCOTUS, and won’t stop until her rights are returned, noting that is a direct violation of her God-given rights in this country.

One attorney said this brings to the forefront a very important question. “Can an employer force employees to participate in a clinical trial as a condition of employment?”

It’s definitely something to think about. Democrats have already made their answer clear. What is yours?

Author: Bertha Nichols