As Biden’s Border Crisis Grows, Texas Takes Matters Into Its Own Hands

If you’ve been paying attention, you know that our Southern border is overrun with illegal aliens. This is all thanks to Joe Biden, who immediately removed whatever protections we had, set in place by Donald Trump. The current border crisis is directly the fault of Sleepy Joe, who many say did this deliberately to welcome thousands (soon millions) of migrants.

As time goes on, it’s hard to argue against that. Why would a president sit back and let his country’s border become so chaotic? If he had just made a mistake, he would have restored the old border policies by now. Instead, he continues to erode the safety of our border, as hundreds of thousands of illegals jeopardize our national security.

Border states are suffering the most, especially Texas which has the largest border with Mexico. But the Lone Star State is no longer waiting for the Biden administration to do its job. In fact, they are about to do something that will really outrage every Democrat who wanted a border crisis.

Republican Governor Greg Abbott said Texas will begin to build its own border barriers between Texas and Mexico as the border crisis continues to explode and the Biden administration fails to “do its job.”…

“The barriers will, in part, enable state law enforcement to arrest migrants for violations of state law,” Breitbart noted…

Del Rio “is suffering from some of the largest increases” of illegal immigrants, he told the news outlet. “They’re seeing a lot of very bad dangerous people come across the border. People that they are afraid of encountering, people who are causing damage to their fences, their livestock, their crops, their neighborhoods, and their homes.” [Source: Daily Wire]

Because of past Supreme Court decisions, states actually have very little power to defend the Southern border. Texas authorities simply can’t capture illegals and just deport them, because the courts ruled that power lies with the federal government. But what can a state do, when the federal government wants illegals pouring over our border?

Texas is defying the Biden administration, using existing state laws to erect its own border fencing. The goal is to deter illegals from trying to cross over in the first place. Those who do will be arrested. While Texas can’t deport border jumpers, they do have the power to incarcerate them for up to a year.

That might not sound like the perfect solution. Of course, it isn’t. But this is what Texas has to do to prevent a flood of migrants jeopardizing its communities.

And keep in mind, Texas is doing this for the good of the entire country. Illegals who cross over into Texas don’t stay there. Many make their way to any region they think is safe, including states many miles away. It’s up to Texas to ensure illegals are stopped in their tracks.

Hopefully, they will get the job done. At least, until Congress gets its act together.

Author: Matthew Graham