Abbott Unveils Genius Plan To Fund His New ‘Wall’

Texas rattled the left’s cages last week when its governor announced they will build a border wall. Pointing a finger at Biden’s deliberate failing to defend our border, Gov. Abbott said they would continue Trump’s iconic project.

Among the many things Biden did to damage our border security, he canceled Trump’s ongoing border construction project. Biden’s decision to end Trump’s border policies sparked an ongoing flood of illegal activity on our border. Hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens have rushed the border, May 2021 being the worst month so far.

Abbott said Texas will be taking a harder stance on illegals. While states don’t have the power to deport illegal aliens, Texas will be incarcerating those caught for up to a year. That, along with the new border wall, is meant to discourage anyone foolish enough to come here illegally.

We are now learning more details about Texas’s planned wall. It turns out, Abbott is giving every American a chance to play a hand in it.

Republican Governor of Texas Greg Abbott said Tuesday that he will be garnering public donations to fund the barrier wall that he plans to build along the Texas border with Mexico…

“I will also be providing a link that you can click on and go to for everybody in the United States or everybody in the entire world that wants to help Texas build a border wall. There will be a place on there where they can contribute to Texas building the border wall,” Abbott said…

He said that people who live in small towns near the border are being threatened and harassed every day and suggested that the Biden administration does not care about Texans being affected by the poor border security. [Source: Daily Wire]

Abbott revealed that, contrary to what the media portrays, most illegals are not families, but individual adults. He claimed that they are “not coming to the United States with good intentions.” In addition to this, Abbott said that neither Joe Biden nor Kamala Harris has bothered to talk to him about the border. He damned the administration, saying they are “pretending that the Texas border does not exist.”

At this moment, it’s clear that states need to take matters into their own hands. Those responsible for communities along the border cannot sit back and pretend like nothing’s happening. The rest of the country needs to understand that this crisis will affect them as well. Many illegals slip through the cracks and are traveling throughout the country.

And the ones our government does apprehend are released anyway. Without a secure border, every community in the country can be affected.

According to reports, the state will be setting up the donation system soon, via a website. It will give all Americans a chance to contribute to Texas’s efforts to protect the border. There is a good chance they will receive considerable sums of money, from patriots sick and tired of Biden’s pathetic leadership.

Author: Andrew Smith