Republicans Sound Death Toll For Dr. Fauci’s Career

Dr. Fauci has experienced a major fall from grace as of late. Once referred to as “America’s Doctor,” the infectious disease expert and Biden’s chief medical adviser has been outed as a liar and fraud since a series of his email correspondences went public weeks ago.

As a result, several Republican lawmakers are taking bold action to hand Fauci the consequences he deserves for fooling the American people. Under his guidance, many states nearly bankrupted their economies, some even struggling to stay afloat to this day.

Firebrand Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene spearheaded a bill called the Fire Fauci Act with the support of her House Republican colleagues. The bill would reduce the embattled doctor’s salary to zero (he’s currently the highest paid federal employee) and would require Senate to confirm his replacement.

Fauci is no stranger to Washington, having led the NIH since the early 1980s and been adviser to the last seven sitting presidents. He gained national notoriety when Former President Donald Trump appointed him on the Coronavirus Task Force once the pandemic took hold in the United States. However, Biden has emboldened the immunologist since taking over the White House and Fauci’s influence has had more dire consequences.

Donald Trump has since broken his silence on Fauci, revealing the horrible, potentially deadly advice given by the doctor, which he subsequently ignored.

Now conservatives have had enough, many of which are taking aim at his performance: the contradictory statements on masks, social distancing, school closures, and vaccines in particular.

Republicans have also noted his insistence to conceal China’s role in the global pandemic. Since a trove of his emails have been released, Fauci has been outed as the sole provider of China’s protection against the American media and prying politicians in D.C. The bombshell emails clearly show Biden’s chief medical adviser vowing to downplay the “lab leak theory” that is just now being considered legitimate by Democrats and their media operatives.

During her press conference, Rep. Greene reminded the press that Fauci is not an elected official. He was not chosen by the American people to guide the economy or rule of children’s education, yet he’s controlled much of our lives for the past year.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene will face an uphill battle to receive a floor vote for the Fire Fauci Act on the Democrat-majority House Floor. Still, the bill sends a resounding message to “America’s Doctor” that enough is enough. The Republicans, nor the American people, will allow his tyrannical influence to continue — and all in the name of what Fauci calls “science.”

China also must be held accountable, Rep. Taylor Greene said, noting the Wuhan Institute of Virology’s “gain-of-function” research, in which scientists increase the strength of a virus to better study its effects on hosts.

This week the Chinese scientist at the center of theories that the pandemic originated with a leak from her specialized Wuhan lab denied her institution was to blame for the health disaster.

Another fire-Fauci sponsor, congressman Mo Brooks, expressed support for Greene’s bioweapons theory, saying a country would only make a virus more contagious for “militarization purposes.”

Author: Sebastian Hayworth