Biden Sweating As Approval Rating Nosedives

Joe Biden campaigned on being “better” than Donald Trump. He claimed that he would bring D.C. back to “normal” and unite the country.

I guess “normal” for Biden is a broken border, rising inflation, a worker’s shortage, and a crumbling energy sector.

And it looks like Americans are uniting, in their disgust for the man.

Joe Biden is either totally incompetent or deliberately trying to weaken the United States. But can anyone see a difference? His stupidity and toxic agenda have hurt the country—and he’s only been in office six months!

But how do Americans really feel about Joe Biden? If you were to believe the media, Americans are over the moon with Mr. Not-Donald-Trump. That doesn’t seem to be the reality, though. Earlier in the month, Joe Biden has a dismal 49% approval—with 50% disapproving.

Now, it’s getting worse.

A Wednesday poll indicates President Joe Biden’s approval rating continues downward in June from 49 percent to 48 percent.

A Monmouth University poll on June 16 marked Biden at 48 percent, one percent lower than a Rasmussen poll from June 11.

The poll comes as Biden completes his European tour Wednesday, neglecting to travel to inspect the border crisis, where illegal immigration has surged 674 percent from last May. [Source: Breitbart]

Throughout Trump’s presidency, his approval fluctuating up and down, but stayed close to 50%. And that’s with him consistently winning for the country, despite a massive hate campaign by every major media outlet.

Joe Biden has the advantage of a media that fawns over him, that overlooks his faults and mistakes. Yet even they can’t paper over the disaster than has been the Biden/Harris administration.

And we don’t have to speculate why Americans are giving him such a bad approval. We have the hard numbers!

The Trafalgar Group along with the Convention of States for Action released the poll Tuesday, which found that 39% of Americans “blame President Biden for rising inflation” and another 14.4% blame the current Democrat-led Congress. [Source: Just the News]

It’s hard to dismiss the latest approval numbers, when they closely follow polls like this. A majority of Americans blame Biden and the Democrat-controlled Congress for the struggling economy. Only a small percentage seem to think this is Trump’s fault.

Remember, Biden and Congress passed a bloated “stimulus” bill that pumped over a trillion new dollars into the economy. That not only contributed to inflation—lowering the value of the dollar—but it helped spark the worker shortage we see today.

Biden paid people not to work, putting a massive strain on businesses that are just starting to get back to normal.

That doesn’t seem like a move a smart, America-first type leader would take. In fact, if Biden wanted to help our rivals overseas, he couldn’t have done a better job.

Does Biden care more about China and Russia than he does America? I can’t say for sure, but his actions certainly seem to point in that direction.

Author: Samuel Jones