Biden Can’t Hide This Any Longer – Even Democrats Are Calling Him Out

Way back during the Democratic primaries of 2019, you were able to find some liberal critics who pointed out the obvious. Because they were backing other candidates, they could be honest about what they thought of Joe Biden. And they were not happy with what they saw.

But, once he gained the nomination, suddenly nobody on the left was concerned with the aging man’s mental health. Even the media seemed not to worry about obvious and troubling signs of Joe’s mental decay.

The American people were not on the same page. Time and again, we watched as Biden showed signs of serious mental deterioration. Some connected his forgetfulness, weariness, and sudden outbursts of anger with dementia. After all, those are all symptoms of that serious disease.

Well, this situation has transitioned from just rumors on the Internet to a full-blown problem. Because Obama’s former physician, along with a dozen GOP lawmakers, are calling out Biden themselves.

Rep. Ronny Jackson (R-TX), the former White House physician for former Presidents Barack Obama and Donald Trump, sent a letter to Democrat President Joe Biden on Thursday demanding that Biden immediately submit to a cognitive test because his “mental decline and forgetfulness have become more apparent over the past eighteen months.”

“Certain behaviors that signal someone should take the exam include “patients repeating themselves, losing car keys frequently, forgetting recent events, and multiple instances of forgetting conversations.” Unfortunately, your forgetfulness and cognitive difficulties have been prominently on display over the past year.” [Source: Daily Wire]

The letter lists possible causes of Biden’s odd and upsetting behavior, including Alzheimer’s, stroke, or multiple sclerosis. These lawmakers pulled no punches as they listed many instances of Biden’s forgetfulness. They reminded Joe (because he’s probably already forgotten) about the time he forgot the word Pentagon, forgot the name of his Defense Secretary, forgot the time of day, forgot the name of lawmakers, and so on.

Jackson even mentions how Democrats once acknowledged Biden’s problems. They previously said that “there will be future situations where the president’s physical and mental state may create issues for us.” That time is now. With each passing day, Joe shows more signs of confusions, irritation, weakness, and a lack of energy. And that’s not even mentioning the forgetfulness and outbursts of anger.

These lawmakers are demanding Biden take a cognitive test. Naturally, he will ignore their pleas, claiming they are being partisan. But for a group of congressmen to officially call out Biden over concerns of his mental state is a major turning point in this conversation. It’s no longer just folks online worrying about Biden’s health, but leaders going on the record to say Biden is in trouble.

Politics aside, it is deeply troubling that a president is suffering from what might be a serious mental illness. It is totally unacceptable for anyone in D.C. to simply brush these signs aside or to ignore the fears of Americans or lawmakers.

Make no mistake, this problem will not go away. Biden might ignore this letter, but the cat’s out of the bag. Pressure will only grow for him to admit what’s wrong. Because, after all, mental decline only gets worse.

Does he think he can hide it forever?

Author: Matthew Graham