“Scientists” Deliberately Deny Lab Leak Theory To Spite Trump

The lab leak theory proposed by then-President Trump was always on the table; it was always a possibility; and scientists knew it first-hand. In a letter sent to the federal government, a contingency of “scientists” world wide downplayed the theory, claiming there was little evidence that COVID-19 leaked from the Wuhan Lab. Instead, they insisted, that data overwhelmingly showed the virus originated in animal species that then mutated and “jumped” to infect humans.

Now the tide is turning and the truth is emerging about how the scientific theory really felt about the theory proposed by Trump and many Republican lawmakers at the time.

In a recent interview, one of the scientists who signed onto the letter discrediting Trump’s theory, now admits she did so not because the theory wasn’t credible, but she wanted to distance herself from Trump – a political move that costs potentially millions of lives.

Alina Chan, a virologist working for Harvard and MIT now claims she did not want to be “associated with President Trump’s racist rhetoric” regarding the origins of COVID-19 even though it was likely that the virus did in fact leak from the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

Chan said in an interview with NBC News that scientists experienced immense trepidation about publicly supporting or condoning Trump’s lab leak theory for fear that the data could be misconstrued or used to support the “racist rhetoric” surrounding the Wuhan theory at the time. Trump’s accusations that the Wuhan Institute of Virology leaked COVID-19 into the world was backed by U.S. Intelligence report, it was not a mere hunch the President was espousing. Yet, in an effort to distance themselves and protect the Communist regime, scientists ignored the data and intelligence, lying to the American people and potentially costing millions of lives worldwide.

“At the time, it was scarier to be associated with Trump and to become a tool for racists, so people didn’t want to publicly call for an investigation into lab origins,” Chan said in the interview.

To be fair, Chan was one of the first scientists who pushed back against the theory that COVID-19 originated from the Wuhan wet markets, as was the prevailing rumor at the time. She did introduce the idea that the virus could have very well originated in the Wuhan Institute of Virology and the resulting pandemic stemming from a leak at the lab. However, once President Trump began flirting with the possibility, Chan, long with many of her colleagues quickly distanced themselves from the President’s words in an effort to quell any possibility of Anti-Asian racism.

In other words, Alina Chan, a Harvard scientists, knew that COVID-19 quite possibly and most likely leaked from a Chinese lab. Instead of coming forward with that information in an impartial and non-political way, she downplayed the theory and joined forces with her liberal colleagues all in an attempt to discredit the President.

In a series of tweets beginning in May 2020, Chan began promoting theories far removed from anything related to the truth – that COVID-19 originated in a Chinese lab. She rushed to downplay the possibility of the CCP’s dominate role in the global pandemic, later calling Trump’s theory the “xenophobic cousin to climate change change denialism and anti-vaxxism.”

Now there seems to be a drastic change of tune in the scientific community in regards to the origins of COVID-19. Despite Biden dropping a Trump-era investigation into Wuhan, he’s since called for a detailed report on the virus’ origins. Additionally, Dr. Fauci, who was tasked with downplaying the lab leak theory, now claims he “isn’t convinced” COVID-19 occurred naturally.

Former CDC Director Robert Redfield said this week that he believes that the pandemic originated in the lab and that those who moved to shut down the lab leak theory were “very anti-science.”

David Asher, who led the Trump administration’s investigation into the origins of the COVID-19 pandemic, said in an interview last month that he had biostatisticians from the U.S. government calculate that the odds of the coronavirus evolving from nature and they estimated that it was about 1-in-13 billion.

Author: Sebastian Hayworth