Texas Governor Disciplines Democrats For Their Childish Behavior

Texas, among a few other states, is leading the charge against Joe Biden and his socialist agenda. They are fighting to preserve American liberties and values, as D.C. crumbles into ruin. Already this year, they passed numerous laws to protect the 2nd Amendment, defend our border, and protect unborn children.

Last month, Texas lawmakers also tried to pass new voter protections. Republican state leaders worked on a bill that would further secure Texas elections (they already had measures like voter ID, for years). Democrats, knowing they did not have the votes to stop this bill, made an unprecedented move. They stormed out of the session like babies throwing a temper tantrum.

Gov. Abbott vowed to hold lawmakers accountable for refusing to even do their job. He said he would “defund” the state legislature over the Democrats’ move. And this week, he made good on that vow.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R) vetoed funding for the state legislature on Friday, carrying out the threat he made last month after Democrats staged a walk-out to block legislation…

“Texans don’t run from a legislative fight, and they don’t walk away from unfinished business,” Abbott said in a statement Friday. “Funding should not be provided for those who quit their job early, leaving their state with unfinished business and exposing taxpayers to higher costs for an additional legislative session. I therefore object to and disapprove of these appropriations.” [Source: Daily Wire]

Texas Democrats knew they didn’t have enough votes to stop the voting bill from passing. So, they decided to stop the entire session by storming out of the chambers. That prevented the state legislation from continuing, thus stopping the bill from being voted on.

It is a childish and undemocratic move, one that required a stern response from Republicans.

Greg Abbott took the extraordinary measures of holding these Democrats accountable, by vetoing their pay. Oh, you better believe these career politicians were outraged over that! If they aren’t getting a paycheck, why are they even in office? After all, it’s the money at attacks most Democrats to public office—not serving their fellow Americans.

One Democrat accused Abbott of being a “dictator” who is “out of control.” No, Abbott is just taking steps to ensure the state that Democrats’ unacceptable actions are being answered. What is really “out of control” is when a group of lawyers—who took vows to serve the state—leave the chambers with the intention of disrupting the work of the government. That sounds more like something power-hungry dictators do, am I right?

As you can expect, Democrats are already trying to sue. Funny how they weren’t willing to work this hard to protect Texas elections—but they will go to court just to get their paychecks. I guess when the chips are down, Democrats show the country what they really care about.

I wonder how hard D.C. Democrats would work, if they thought their paychecks were on the line? They don’t work very hard when the border is out of control. Or when Americans are denied their basic freedoms like the right to worship. They didn’t seem to care when rioters were burning down countless U.S. cities.

But something tells me they’d be just as outraged, if they lost their nice, big pay checks.

Author: Alexander Smith