Republicans Roadblock Democrat’s Most Dangerous Agenda

Democrats knew they only had about a year to solidify their majority in Congress and the White House. After the sham that was the 2020 Election, it was only a matter of time before voters kicked their sorry asses out of office.

But elections wouldn’t matter, if the same “irregularities” that got Biden into the White House happened every year, in every state. So, Democrats put forward the mistitled “For the People Act” that sought to make election fraud standard in every election.

The bill would have radically changed how our elections are conducted. It was akin to the kind of power grabs seen only in communist dictatorships. It would have given the federal government complete control over elections, instead of state election offices. The bill would have erased voter ID requirements, it would have made mail-in ballots permanent (and universal), and it would have taken the power to redistrict from the states.

That’s only a tip of the iceberg for the insane changes Democrats wanted to make to our democracy. With an idiot like Joe Biden in the White House, it would have been quickly signed, making our ability to vote meaningless.

The bill passed through the House, thanks to Democrats’ slim majority. But it faced a serious hurdle in the Senate. And thankfully, Republicans were able to slay this monster.

A Democratic-backed effort to rewrite American election and voting law failed to surmount a GOP filibuster in the Senate on Tuesday.

The evenly split 50-50 vote on the legislation known as the For the People Act fell short of the 60 votes required to begin debate. [Source: Just the News]

This is the real reason Democrats wanted to get rid of the filibuster. This one rule prevents a party from railroading their agenda through the Senate. Sixty votes are required to either begin debate on a bill or end debate and move to final vote. This election bill was so toxic, not a single Republican was willing to even debate it.

They all voted against this measure, ensuring it would never advance.

What you have to wonder about are those “moderate” Democrats who voted along with their party. This bill did not warrant even debate. It was clearly a toxic move by power-hungry Democrats to destroy our democracy. The fact that it was even drafted shows that these lawmakers have no business running the country.

Moderate Democrats like Joe Manchin had criticized the bill. So, why did he vote to forward debate on it? It should have been DOA before it reached the Senate. Manchin and other Democrats from red states should have known this bill would have ruined whatever credibility they have with voters. Even supporting debate suggests they wanted to destroy our democracy too.

While this is a big win for those who want to preserve American democracy, the war is far from over. Elections are handled at the state level, and many states were responsible for the fiasco that was 2020. Unless real, measurable steps are taken to prevent fraud, Democrats will continue to try to cheat the system.

While some states have passed important bills, much more needs to happen.

Author: Tim Anderson