Trump Organization Fights Back Against Legal Witch Hunt

Following the Capitol protests of Jan 6, the City of New York ended a business contract with the Trump Organization over a golf course in the Bronx. Trump’s legal team is fighting this decision citing wrongful termination of contract.

On Monday, a lawsuit was filed in Manhattan by Trump’s legal team citing wrongful termination of contract, claiming Mayor Bill de Blasio’s “inflammatory rhetoric against President Trump” incited others to terminate business deals with the Trump Organization and its entities.

Mayor de Blasio has a politically bias against Donald Trump and has long sought to end his business dealings before the events that unfolded on January 6. The Capitol protests were used as a convenient excuse for the City to use as pretext to end Trump’s business relations in the City.

The suit cites comments made by de Blasio early in his term in which he repeatedly threatened to end Trump’s businesses dealings in New York City.

A spokesman for the Trump Organization said:

“There can be no tenet of the contract we are not meeting. We’ve exceeded our obligation to operate a first class, tournament quality golf course, as per the contract.”


“Mayor de Blasio politically-fueled bias against Donald Trump is not legal merit for ending city contracts, and merely demonstrates yet another example of the mayor’s attempt to advance his own Far-Left agenda and interfere with the free market and free enterprise.”

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announced that the City would be ending all contracts with the Trump Organization one week after protestors stormed the Capitol building.

The Trump Organization has operated the Bronx golf course since 2015.

Before their Bronx build-out of the course, New York City residents were forced to look at the architectural eye sore that stood before it.

At the time, de Blasio said his legal team assessed the tenets of the contract, which made very clear if a company is engaged in illegal activity the City has the right to terminate the contract immediately.”

However, Trump nor any of the leadership in the Trump organization was convicted of any crime.

A spokesman for the city defended the abrupt contract cancellation on Monday.

“The actions of Mr. Trump to incite a violent insurrection and deadly riot at the Capitol on January 6th initiated a breach in the Ferry Point contract. The City will vigorously defend its decision to terminate this contact and others signed by the Trump Organization.

The mayor’s spokesman, Bill Neidhardt put in his two scents on twitter:

In January, the City of New York canceled three other contracts with the Trump Organization. Two were for ice skating rinks, and one was for the carousel at Central Park. All three of which received immense backlash from the public.

Author: Nolan Sheridan