Another Day, Another Biden Gaffe That Offends Millions of Americans

Have you heard the news? Joe Biden is going to fail to reach his vaccine goal by July 4th. The Democrat, who previously criticized Trump’s historic effort to provide a COVID vaccine, is now trying to avoid losing face with the media and the world.

Too late, Joe. Too late.

His administration is ramping up efforts to get as many people jabbed as possible. Not because, you know, they should be vaccinated. But because he set a goal, dammit, and he’s not about to admit he doesn’t know what he’s doing.

Recently, he spoke about getting minority Americans vaccinated. In truly liberal fashion, he generalized black and Hispanic Americans, making broad assumptions about millions of Americans. Then, he insulted Hispanics by using a word they hate. And made another, embarrassing gaffe.

“There’s a reason why it’s been harder to get African Americans initially to get vaccinated because they’re used to being experimented on, the Tuskegee Airmen and others,” Biden said. “People have memories. People have long memories.”

As explained by the National Park Service, the Tuskegee Airmen and the Tuskegee Syphilis Study are two entirely separate things and are not related.

“It’s awful hard as well to get latinx vaccinated as well,” Biden continued. “Why? They’re worried that they’ll be vaccinated and deported.” [Source: Daily Wire]

Wow. I don’t even know where to begin. First off, Joe Biden confused the celebrated Tuskegee Airmen with the infamous Tuskegee Syphilis Study. The Tuskegee Airmen were a group of black pilots who proudly served the country in World War II. The syphilis study had nothing to do with them and was in no way related.

But they both got the word “Tuskegee” in them, so why wouldn’t Biden confuse the two?

The worst was yet to come when Joe started talking about Hispanic Americans. Obediently following the radical left, he used the gender-neutral and stupid “Latinx” term. That word is hated by most Hispanics, who have been using Latino or Latina for centuries. Why the hell do Democrats think “Latinx”–a word that erodes Hispanics’ heritage and identity–is a good thing?

That wasn’t even the end of it! Biden then made the absurd claim that Hispanic Americans, actual U.S. citizens, were afraid to get the vaccine because they thought they’d be “vaccinated and deported.”

Is Joe Biden a real person? Or is he some kind of cartoon that has no idea how to talk to human beings? Honestly, it’s getting to the point where every appearance of this man gets more and more insane.

The backlash from users online was fast and fierce. Latinos were particularly outraged by Biden’s insulting, dismissive, and yes racist statements.

What’s particularly bad about what Biden did is that he assumed Hispanic folks–many of whom have a long tradition in this country–were blind sheep that embraced woke terms like “Latinx.” It didn’t occur to Joe that many of them are conservative. Even those who are liberal aren’t so far left to accept nonsense terms like that.

And no American likes to be compared to illegal aliens. Come on, Joe!

But why should Joe, or any Democrat, bother to support, encourage, or appeal to any American? It’s not like he got to where he was by winning them over. When you are a corrupt politician who cares only about the ruling elite, you can say stuff like this and get away with it.

Author: Jones McGee