Trump Gets Some Surprise Visitors For His Trip To The Border

The Republican Study Committee, which is the biggest group of House GOP members, gave Trump a big surprise this week when they announced they would be joining him on his trip to the southern border at the end of this month.

A spokesperson for Jim Banks, an Indiana Republican, and chairman of the Study Committee, confirmed that they would all be in attendance. It’s not a surprise that GOP members wish to accompany former President Trump on his trip, because border security is a seriously hot topic right now, and Biden is failing on every front in that regard.

Trump spent the entirety of his four years fixing what’s going on at the border, but Biden broke it. We are now right in the middle of the worst border crisis in history. The RSC has made carrying on Trump’s legacy their number one priority, and that’s why they are on their way to the border with President Trump, to figure out how to end this international embarrassment.

Trump’s visit is happening just weeks after Kamala Harris, the Vice President, took her very publicized trip to Guatemala and Mexico to ‘address’ the crisis at the border. Harris didn’t even visit the border on this trip though. But, after copious amounts of scrutiny from Democrats and republicans alike, as well at Trump’s announcement to visit the border, she finally headed

Many members of the Republican party, including Banks and Trump, have visited the southern border in the past. The Governor of South Carolina, Henry McMaster, may be one of the loudest voices of criticism when it comes to Harris and the Biden administration for their border failures. Kamala came to South Carolina after her trip to Mexico, instead of going to the border. McMaster has already been to the border himself, and thinks its shameful that she hasn’t.

It’s currently unknown if every single member of the Republican Study Committee will join Trump on his trip, but this is the second time in just a few months that some of the members have met and conversed with the former president. Just earlier this month, a group of RSC members met with Trump in Bedminster at his golf club to plan the reclaiming of Republican power in the Senate and house.

We can for sure expect to see Greg Abbott, the Governor of Texas in attendance, as he just announced plans to construct his own border wall in the state.

Author: Nathan Payne