Lawmakers Get Whiplash From Biden’s Infrastructure Backtracks

It remains unclear where the Biden White House stands on the current “infrastructure” bills currently making their way around the Capitol.

Last week a group of bipartisan negotiators struck a deal on a pair of spending bills allocated for improving America’s infrastructure. The arduous back-and-forth between the Republicans and Biden’s Democrats have caused massive confusion. However, a deal was seemingly made when Biden, along with the negotiating team, announced in front of the White House, “we have a deal.”

However, much to the shock of Republican lawmakers, Biden signaled that he may veto the negotiated bill in an effort to appease the Far-Left wing of the Democrat Party. The progressives have pressured Biden to seek a second legislative package focused on “anti-poverty” that includes trillions spent on childcare, education, and other Democratic frivolities paid for with tax increases on corporations and wealthily Americans.

Meanwhile, a recent non-partisan analysis of the bill revealed that it isn’t just high-income Americans who would see a tax increase, but many middle and lower-class taxpayers would likely be forced to shell out more for the Democrats’ spending bill.

Biden, along with Nancy Pelosi, suggested that an agreement by the Republicans not to filibuster the Democrats’ second bill would be required for them to pass the first bipartisan infrastructure bill — and Biden seemed to back this initiative.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell immediately took to the Senate floor to blast Biden’s veto threats.

Now Biden has backtracked from any promises to the Progressives, and voiced his support for the original bipartisan bill without the no-filibuster agreement from Republican lawmakers.

Congressional Republicans, notably the RINO caucus, say they trust the president and are willing to accept Biden’s word that he will not renegotiate the deal that has already been made.

Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT), one of Republican negotiators, told CNN hack Jake Tapper, “I am totally confident the President will sign it if it comes to his desk.”

Biden echoed Romney’s sentiments, both being long-time friends from Joe’s Senate days, and claimed there was mutual trust between the president and the RINO.

Sen. Bill Cassidy (R-LA), of the America-First wing of the Republican Party, was less sure of Biden’s word, saying in an interview of his own, “We will see, but work will continue on this bill until it’s right.”

Author: Asa McCue