Romney Parrots “Big Lie” Theory In Desperate Attempt To Attack Trump

The Republican Party rift is widening and the battle between the pro-Trump, America-First wing and the RINO caucus of Mitt Romney’s stripe wages on.

The latest shots were fired when Utah RINO Senator Mitt Romney appeared on CNN hack Jake Taper’s show to bash the Former President, claiming any claims the 2020 election was rigged was merely “fictional entertainment, like pro-wrestling.”

Romney’s statements comes after the Former President held a massive rally this weekend in Ohio where he blasted the legitimacy of the 2020 election. Trump echoed the sentiments of many Americans, referring to the election as “rigged” as he so often does. The RINOs, and their Democrat cohorts, are doing everything they can to silence these claims despite their growing support with the American people.

Meanwhile, election audits are underway in the most contested states. Arizona is midway through an audit of all the mail-in-ballots from 2020 and Georgia is considering similar measures — and Democrats are doing all they can to stop it.

The feud between Trump and Romney is not a new one. The two once attempted to align once Trump successfully won the White House, but they never seemed to find an area of agreement. They even met on multiple occasions with rumors swirling that the Former President was considering Romney for a cabinet position.

The relationship was irreparably damaged when Romney formally supported both of Trump’s impeachments and voted to convict him in the Senate.

Not one to take insults laying down, Trump of course fired back at Romney – and the feud continued.

Trump took the opportunity to bash Romney after an appearance at a Utah Republican convention at which the Senator was relentlessly heckled and booed off the stage. He’s since received immense backlash from the Utah Republican Party over his endless bashing of the Former President.

Trump’s reaction to Romney’s appearance is hilarious:

However, America-First Republicans have since dominated the party since Trump’s exit from Washington D.C., many claiming he is still the de facto leader of the GOP. With his endorsement, many candidates have seen success in their elections, and Trump vows to help the Republicans gain back majorities in both the House and the Senate.

It remains unclear whether Mr. Trump will run in 2024, but recent reports claim that he is on board for a 2024 run if his health remains in good condition.

Author: Elizabeth Tierney