New Poll Forces Biden To Reconsider Kamala’s Role In The White House

Do Democrats really know what they are doing? If you actually look at what’s going on in D.C., it’s hard to believe they do.

Joe Biden ended policies that were keeping our border safe and secure. Immediately, the border exploded with a crisis that continues to this day. Hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens have surged the border, with more coming.

Kamala Harris is supposed to be addressing the issue. But what has she done? Little outside of giving millions to foreign countries.

Now, a recent poll is gauging how Americans view Harris’s performance. And the lady’s not going to like it.

Registered voters believe Vice President Kamala Harris has failed at her task of addressing the root causes of migration from Central America to the United States, a recent Harvard CAPS-Harris Poll reveals…

Most voters rated Harris’s performance as inferior, with 44 percent saying she has done a “bad job,” 30 percent a “good job,” and 26 percent an “adequate job,” the survey notes…

The vast majority (68 percent) of registered voters agree that Biden’s executive orders on immigration, which rescinded former President Donald Trump’s border security measures, encourage illegal immigration. In comparison, 32 percent believe they do not, the poll shows.

Over half (55 percent) of registered voters believe Biden should “have left those Trump policies that made it more difficult to come into the country in place,” the survey reveals. [Source: Breitbart]

This poll strikes a major blow in the left’s narrative on the Biden administration. The media wants you to think Biden and Harris are superior to Trump and Pence in every way. That everything these Democrats are doing is for the better.

Yet that’s not what voters think. In fact, most polled said that Harris is failing to properly secure the border. They are rating her, saying she has done a “bad job.”

On top of that, a whopping sixty-eight percent blame Biden’s decisions for the current crisis. They want Biden to essentially reinstate those policies to keep Americans safe.

Biden has planted his flag on being a “better” leader than Trump. That has amounted to his decisions simply being the opposite of what Trump did. Not a great vision for a president. It is unlikely, right now, that Biden will reinstate anything Trump did to secure the border.

But the situation is not getting better. Illegals continue to overwhelm the border and our immigration system. The government does not have the resources to put up with the sheer number of bodies coming over the line. Unless Biden makes drastic changes to get everything under control, his administration will be a total disaster.

Don’t be surprised to find out he will one day quietly reinstate Trump’s policies. And one day soon.

Author: Max Graham