Biden Drowning In Negative Feedback On Failed Border Policies

Let’s be honest, can we really say what Biden is doing on the border amounts to “policy”? The man removed every last measure Trump put in to keep the border secure. Removing another administration’s policies does not mean you have policies of your own.

Joe Biden’s approach to the border is, “Eh, just do whatever you want, illegals.” He has turned a blind eye as hundreds of thousands of migrants rush the border. Border Patrol and other agencies are overwhelmed. Countless illegals are slipping into the country. And Biden’s “czar” to fix the situation, Kamala Harris, is a joke.

But perhaps sleeping America thinks this is all okay? After all, most Americans are far away from the border. It might not affect them, so they don’t really care? Not according to a new poll. It seems that Americans are none too pleased with Biden.

A new Harvard/Harris poll found the overwhelming majority of voters say immigration is a serious issue that has gotten worse under the Biden administration and that more should be done to address it.

According to the survey, 80% of voters see immigration as a “very serious” or “somewhat serious” issue, and 64% said the Biden administration should “issue new, stricter policies to reduce the flow of people across the border.” Only 36% said Biden should continue his current policies. [Source: Just the News]

This poll, coming from a relatively liberal group, is devastating to the Biden administration. A huge majority blames him for the crisis on the border. Most Americans are very concerned about illegal immigration.

In fact, 68% of voters attribute Biden’s decisions as the cause of the current crisis. And over half, 55%, say that he should have kept Trump’s policies in place.

This strikes a huge blow against Biden’s agenda. It seemed he just wanted to dissolve our border protections and let in anyone who wanted to come. He didn’t bother to implement a single rule to police the flow of migrants over the border. Yet somehow, he seems surprised that there is a crisis?

The utter lack of action by the administration to end this situation is staggering. How pathetic can a presidential administration get? We’re finding out, as Biden and Harris do nothing to protect our national security at the border.

The vast majority of the people coming over aren’t “innocent” moms with their babies. They are mostly young men, who want handouts and jobs. We don’t know if they working with the drug cartels, are human smugglers, or sex traffickers. All of which are getting over the border, by the way.

Border communities are overrun with dangerous people who disrespect our laws and neighbors. That’s not going to stay contained at border towns for very long. Because Biden is busing and flying illegals to every corner of the country, you should expect to see these illegals pretty soon.

No wonder so many Americans are outraged that the current state of affairs. There is an invasion going on and the administration is doing nothing.

The worse things get, the harder it will be for Biden to do nothing. He will be forced to make a change. But can he admit he was wrong and Trump was right?

Author: James Graham