Trump Visits The Border — Makes a Startling Discovery

On Wednesday Donald Trump made the historic trek as a private citizen to witness the destruction caused at the border as a result of Joe Biden’s failing policies. Trump, like the rest of America, knew it was a disaster but the devastation he saw seemed to shock the Former President.

Trump visited the border wall which he worked so tirelessly to get built despite incredible opposition from the Democrats. He gave a speech at an area of the wall where construction halted, illuminating the failed policies of the current Biden-Harris administration.

The Former President lamented the crime and destruction currently underway, noting the gang members and human traffickers that are now allowed to freely roam throughout the interior of the United States under Biden’s orders

Mr. Trump followed his border visit with a an op-ed written for The Washington Times.

In it he decimated the Biden administration for what they’ve done to the border and subsequently the entire country as a result of his policies.

He wrote:

“Perhaps for the first time in world history a nation has purposely an systematically dismantled its own defenses for the purpose of a radical open borders agenda.”

In the op-ed titled “I built a wall — Biden build a humanitarian catastrophe” Trump lamented Biden’s decision to stop construction on the border wall, a major accomplishment by the former administration.

Trump wrote:

“Biden halted construction of the badly needed wall creating unsealed channels right in the middle of the border to be exploited by human traffickers and drug smugglers,” adding, “All Joe Biden had to do was paint it.”

Less than a week before Trump left Washington, Customs and Border protection confirmed roughly 750 miles of border wall had already been funded and nearly 700 miles were already built or in the process of being constructed. Reports confirm that the wall was going up at an average rate of two miles per day. All of this success comes after years of litigation and backlash from the entire Democrat party, who stopped at nothing to prevent Trump from building a barrier on the US-Mexico border.

And since the funds for most of the construction was already approved and allocated by Congress, all Joe Biden had to do was allow the project to continue. Instead he immediately halted all process and a plague on the border has resulted.

“The wall paid for and virtually completed” Trump said. “Instead, Biden sabotaged the completion of the wall, ordered an immediate halt to construction on his first day in office, impounded the funds Congress had appropriated, and took steps to terminate the National Emergency declaration that had facilitated it.”

Since Biden assumed office and destroyed Trump’s policies, the surge of illegal border crossings and apprehensions have more-than skyrocketed; we’ve never seen these numbers in the history of the United States.

You can read Donald Trump’s full op-ed here:

Author: Asa McCue