Biden Fails Again: Decrepit ‘President’ Can’t Keep Promises

Earlier in his “presidency” Joe Biden made a national goal to administer at least one shot of the coronavirus vaccine to 70% of Americans. Like most of his goals and promises thus far, the cognitively-declining president has failed.

Currently, around 67% of Americans have received vaccination from COVID-19. Biden fell short of his 70% goal, failing to convince the American people to get a jab. The administration will need at least 8 million more vaccinated citizens before it reaches the goal of 70% national vaccination rate.

The White House quickly took to the media upon realizing they would not make their July 4th goal.

COVID Response Coordinator for the White House Jeff Zients made his rounds on all the Fake News outlets to announce the administration’s failure.

In March, Joe Biden promised the American people “a more normal Fourth of July.” And while that is true compared to last year, his administration is still calling for mask wearing and social distancing despite reaching vaccination levels for herd immunity.

“Younger people, particularly those in their 20s, have felt less vulnerable to the disease and, therefore, less eager to get shots. They were made eligible later, so they have not been eligible as long, and we continue to see hundreds of thousands of young people vaccinated each week,” he said.

Zients then went on to discuss the political divide surrounding the vaccine conversation. He seemed to blame conservative Republicans for not meeting the July 4th goal. Never did Zients mention that it is because of the administration he works for, some Americans are hesitant to get vaccinated. When the president’s top medical adviser tells citizens to wear a mask even after receiving a shot, it’s no wonder some many not trust Biden’s advice. Eighty-six percent of Democrats have received at least one dose, while 45% of Republicans have received a shot.

“This is not about politics. And we need to continue to reach people where they are and answer their questions and have trusted messengers at a local level.” Zients said.

The missed goal comes as the delta variant of the coronavirus, which is more contagious and causes more severe illness than other strains, is on the path to becoming the dominant strain in the U.S.

Author: Sebastian Hayworth