Fauci’s Fourth of July Message Is Another Shocker

If it were up to Dr. Fauci, the pandemic would never go away — or at least that what it seems.

While a majority of the country gets their coronavirus vaccination (thanks to Trump’s Operation Warp Speed) Fauci still insists that Americans mask up. Just as most states relax their lockdown restrictions and on the day most Americans were celebrating the Fourth of July, Fauci swooped in with yet another message of doom-and-gloom.

“America’s doctor” told the country on July 4 to keep wearing your masks, despite the plummeting infection rate and nearly-zero mortality rate of COVID-19. He especially urged vaccinated Americans in areas with low vaccination rates to keep their masks on.

Biden’s chief medical adviser and directed of the National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases told vaccinated U.S. citizens to “go the extra mile” during an interview this weekend. He continues to push the use of face coverings despite the current data.

Fauci recommends that face masks still be donned in areas with low rates of vaccination, saying vaccinated Americans should “take the extra added level of protection, even though the vaccines are highly effective.”

If the vaccines are highly effective, then why would he urge those who received them to further protect themselves?

The immunologist then called out the state of Mississippi, who’s rate of vaccination is only at 28%, the lowest in the country.

“Although the odds go down, fully vaccinated individuals can still spread the virus,” Fauci said.

It seems that Fauci is finally realizing his time in the national spotlight is coming to an end. What clear-thinking, rational person would take Fauci’s recommendations seriously? If the virus can still spread amongst vaccinated people, as Fauci claims, then what’s the point of taking it?

If his goal is to increase the rate of vaccination in the country, why does Fauci continue to highlight how ineffective the shots are?

For a vaccinated person, breakthrough infection, unlikely, but it’s not gonna be zero,” he said.

Dr. Fauci’s contradictory statements continue to cause undue confusion with many who can’t seem to figure out why vaccinated people are still being treated like they’re sick. Biden’s chief medical adviser fails to realize his insistence that Americans remained masked up and locked down is the sole reason for the hesitancy to “trust the science.”

During the same interview, the Fake News hack Chuck Todd asked how Fauci was “holding up” amid a wave of backlash after it was revealed the Wuhan Institute Of Virology was being funded with U.S. taxpayer dollars. An email dump of Fauci’s correspondences with scientists and colleagues clearly showed that Fauci was making a concerted effort to downplay the theory that COVID-19 originated in a Chinese lab, a claim he now considers valid.

“Putting all that other noise aside, Chuck, and it really is noise, I just focus on my job…” he said.

Earlier this year Fauci claimed any criticism against him was “an attack on science” after it was outed that he helped fund Chinese labs through private medical companies.

Author: Elizabeth Tierney