Even Mainstream Media Outlets Are Catching On To Biden’s Lies

Once upon a time, Democrats thought it was a winning strategy to turn on cops. As Black Lives Matter and Antifa burned down cities, Democrats applauded the efforts—calling it democracy.

It seems the out-of-touch left believed Americans wanted cops to be punished for the sins of a few. That we were okay with radical anarchists burning down our homes, churches, and communities. And that we wanted police—the one group dedicated to our safety—harassed, hated, and lacking resources.

Only in recent months have they seen the light. Countless polls have come out showing that all Americans—including a majority of black Americans—want cops to have more funding not less. And as Joe Biden’s approval takes a beating he’s desperately trying to change the narrative.

His White House even claimed that it was Republicans not Democrats who tried to defund cops. Even liberal media outlets called b-s on that.

Officials in the Biden White House have absurdly claimed in recent weeks that Republicans, not Democrats, are working to “defund the police.”

The gaslighting claims from mouthpieces of the Biden administration, including White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki and Biden advisor Cedric Richmond, were “fact checked” by The Washington Post on Wednesday. The White House was smacked with “Three Pinocchios,” nearing the maximum “Four Pinocchio” lie-detector rating…

“Although Republicans all opposed Biden’s coronavirus relief package, no one voted to cut, or defund, anything,” the Post further explained. [Source: Daily Wire]

White House press secretary Jen Psaki, a woman clearly unqualified for her job, claimed that Republicans tried to defund police when they opposed Biden’s bloated stimulus bill.

Part of Biden’s disastrous spending bill provided “community” resources that Psaki is now claiming went to police departments. The Washington Post claimed that was not true. On top of that, voting against extra funds is not the same as cutting existing funds, something that Republicans have never supported.

On the other hand, Democrats from state to state have voted to slash police budgets in 2020 and 2021. Crime is surging in major cities across America, because cops lack the resources to hire and train more officers.

Worse than that, cops in cities that do support them are retiring or quitting, because of how the Democrat-run media paints them as monsters. Their already tough jobs are becoming harder and harder, thanks to anti-cop propaganda.

Are Republicans spreading this propaganda? Of course not. Republicans have quickly supported and defended the police. They are the ones flying “Defend the Blue” flags and rallying around their police.

It is the left, and their lapdogs Antifa and BLM, that continue to slander hard-working men and women who risk their lives to keep us safe.

For anyone within the Biden administration to say otherwise is blatantly lying. We all know who wanted to defund (and in some cases abolish) police departments and who wants to save them.

Author: Tim Anderson