Business Owners Demand Retribution After Biden’s Economy Plummets

The Biden administration is blaming all sorts of things for the country’s ailing economy. But we think there is one big reason.

White House officials blame COVID and other factors for why prices are rising, businesses are struggling, and employees can’t make ends meet. But we know that things would be much better, if we didn’t have a socialist in charge.

Joe Biden made the recovery much worse when he pumped over a trillion new dollars into the economy. Not only that, but he clamped down on our energy production, among other struggling industries.

As the country comes out of lockdowns, another problem continues to haunt businesses: a weak supply chain. The lockdowns slowed our manufacturing supply chains, that provide materials and goods to businesses. That has resulted in a rise in costs, which are passed onto Americans.

Businesses know they can’t keep going at this rate. So, they called out Biden for “strong leadership” to resolve this issue. I doubt they’ll get it.

Matthew Shay — President and CEO of the National Retail Federation — wrote a letter to President Biden, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo, and other White House officials that outlines challenges presently facing business leaders…

“Our nation’s supply chains are stressed because of the COVID-19 global pandemic, and they continue to struggle through our economic recovery. We would like an opportunity to discuss the impact these issues are having on the nation’s retailers, our workers and our customers, as well as potential solutions to address current and future disruptions.”

“We need strong leadership from the administration to galvanize attention to the current situation as well as work to resolve long-standing issues that limit safe and efficient port operations.” [Source: Daily Wire]

Leaders of major retail companies want to sit down with the Biden administration and discuss solutions to their supply chain problems.

This isn’t a partisan issue, this isn’t a political stunt. This is a very real problem that requires real, working solutions.

But the sad reality is, they won’t find any in this administration.

Supply chain issues were caused when many companies shut down or slowed down during the pandemic. Many of them have not returned to full capacity, even as states reopen. And let’s not forget how America is far too dependent on foreign supplies (like China) which refuse to resume full operations.

A solution would require a savvy leader to negotiate deals with supplies that are fully open or are willing to open at 100% (or higher). Some like, say Donald Trump, would be perfect at negotiating with companies to ensure supply chains return to something close to normal.

Who do we have instead? A man that is suffering from mental decline, who has surrounded himself with pathetic yes-men.

I don’t think there is a single person on Biden’s team that is up for this challenge. After all, they greenlit his “stimulus” plan earlier in the year, which ended up paying people to stay home. They clearly don’t understand our economy, nor do they have a plan on solving this supply chain issue.

The only hope for retailers is that they find a private-sector solution to this problem, while waiting out a change in the federal government.

Author: Paul Jones