Big Tech Falls Right Into Trump’s Brilliant Trap

In a video celebrating his class-action lawsuit against Big Tech behemoths who routinely censor conservatives and other political dissidents, Donald Trump was again proven right.

Google-owned YouTube censored a video of the Former President giving a monumental speech at this year’s Conservative Political Action Conference, in which he lauded the class-action lawsuit against Google, Facebook, and Twitter. The video was removed from YouTube’s platform and the CPAC channel was handed a week-long suspension.

The American Conservative Union channel was given the ban on Jul 9 and is forbidden to post anything on the platform until the Big Tech censors allow it. As a result, all CPAC 2021 content may not be seen on the world’s largest video sharing site, including Donald Trump’s speech.

“This is yet another example of Big Tech censoring content with which they disagree in order to promote the political positions they favor,” said CPAC Chairman Matt Schlapp

The group responsible for Trump’s class-action lawsuit, the America First Policy Institute, took to twitter to condemn the Big Tech decision to censor conservative video content.

A YouTube spokeswoman said the video had been taken down for “medical misinformation.”

“At YouTube, we enforce our Terms of Service equally for everyone, regardless of the speaker. Based on guidance from CDC and other health authorities, our COVID-19 misinformation policy doesn’t currently allow content recommending Hydroxychloroquine as an effective treatment or prevention method for the virus.

The Big Tech company went on to cite examples of many videos posted to their platform that are critical of YouTube. Still, this proves nothing. Being critical of YouTube is not political. Being a Republican and espousing conservative views, only to be censored — even if you used to be the President of the United States — means the Big Tech company is still making a concerted effort to silence those they agree with politically.