Left-Wing ‘Holy Site’ Destroyed By Natural Forces

Just when you thought everything couldn’t more ridiculous or hilarious — think again.

The Fire Department in Toledo, Ohio confirmed that a bolt of lightening struck a mural of the Left’s holiest of worship sites — a mural of George Floyd.

The piece of “art” had been painted onto the side of building which once housed a bar in the center of Toledo. The mural of George Floyd disintegrated this week after a major lightening storm struck the city.

According to witness accounts, a bold of lightening struck the mural during the storm, crumbling the mural and upsetting the Far-Left who worship there. Investigations by police and the Toledo Fire Department confirmed eye witness accounts.

However, a building inspector from Toledo disputed the results of the investigations, claiming the the all gave way on its own due to damage and age.

“It was just age. It just came away,” the inspector told reporters. “It happens to the older buildings.”

The artist, David Ross, who painted the mural, believes the destruction of his work was done by an act of vandalism or an act of God. He disputes that the wall crumbled simply due to age, stating he knew first hand of the wall’s strength. Ross said the structure of the wall was intact at the time of painting and believed it should have stayed up for much longer.

“When I did the mural, there was stuff on the wall that I couldn’t remove and that let me know how strong that structure was,” Mr. Ross said. “The lightning theory is possible, but I know for certain it did not just fall on its own.”

George Floyd became a Leftist martyr when former Minneapolis Police officer Derek Chauvin strangled the man during an arrest. Floyd was being taken into custody for allegedly using counterfeit money at a convenience store. It’s since been reported that Floyd was under the influence of a concoction of drugs that likely contributed to his death.

The so-called murder of George Floyd prompted widespread hysteria from the Far-Left last summer. Across the country, and across the world, riots erupted, cities burned, and chaos ensued. Billions of damage was done in George Floyd’s name, and numerous Democrat-run cities were prompted to defund their police departments as a result.

Derek Chauvin was convicted for the second-degree murder of George Floyd, amongst other crimes, and was sentenced to decades in prison.

According to past precedent in Minnesota, Chauvin’s prison sentence shouldn’t have exceeded 15 years, but public pressure influenced the liberal judges in the state to give the former police officer a much, much higher term.

Cities and municipalities have erected a slew of statues, murals, and memorials to Floyd since his death.

Floyd was arrested nine times before his death, nearly all of the charges drug or theft-related. He also did a several prison bids. In 2009, Floyd pleaded guilty to armed robbery after he and several other men robbed a home while the family was inside.

Author: Elizabeth Tierney