White House Runs Cover For Crimes In Communist Cuba

As the island nation of Cuba is plagued by the humanitarian crimes of the Communist regime, Biden’s White House is doing all it can to cover them up.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki refused to acknowledge, speak on, or discuss Communism as a “root cause” for the unthinkable series of atrocities experienced by the citizens of Cuba. She won’t even say the word.

Instead, Psaki repeats the same talking points that Cuban protestors have taken to the streets due to reasons related to COVID-19 and a lack of medical supplies. Again, the Biden administration is sending signals to the Far-Left and radicals in the Democrat Party that they will not only conceal, but totally ignore, the unthinkable crimes against humanity committed by the Communist regime.

Lest we forget when Obama administration, the one where Biden served as vice president, routinely softened its policies against the Cuban Communists. In fact, Obama himself even entertained the Cuban Dictator at a baseball game in Havana. Joe Biden is simply continuing the murderous polices of administration’s past.

A reporter asked Jen Psaki:

“While the administration tries to figure out the ‘root causes’ of northern migration from Central American countries, don’t we know why people want to leave Cuba? Is it because they don’t like Communism? Do you think people are leaving Cuba because they don’t like Communism?”

Psaki seemed to malfunction upon hearing the question. She immediately began rattling off canned talking points, never once uttering the word “Communism” or pointing to the unthinkable crimes committed under the banner of Communism.

You can watch the full exchange here:

Still, as a result of Biden’s soft policies on the island nation, many Cubans are forbidden to immigrate to the United States despite the unimaginable crimes committed by the left wing Dictatorship. This has been confirmed by Sec. Mayorkas, Biden’s Homeland Security Chief.

Insiders at Homeland Security confirmed: the Biden administration has denied asylum status and refused legal immigration for Cubans and Haitians because “they will vote Republican.”

Author: Nolan Sheridan