Top Democrat Arrested At The Capitol — But It Isn’t What You Think

The current state of the Democrat Party is pathetic disaster of epic proportions. The oldest political party in the American history has done nothing but aid in destroying the country with their hopeless, empty promises, radical spending habits, and wokeness. The party of the KKK has continued their tradition of radical racialism, only this time they’ve cleverly reversed the roles.

On Thursday, an obviously pre-planned publicity stunt was carried out by a member of the Democrat Party leadership. Rep. Joyce Beatty, a Democrat and chair of the Congressional Black Caucus, was “arrested” during a staged protest over voting rights in the Capitol building.

Included in the arrest were eight other “protestors” inside the Senate Hart building. The group was seen and heard chanting a series of ridiculous statements including, “End the Filibuster” and “Voting Rights For All!”

The event was covered widely by reporters, photographers, and other members of the media. It’s not yet known what arrangements Rep. Beatty made with Capitol police or the press, but to everyone witnessing the “protest,” it was obvious the stunt was staged beforehand.

In fact, the Democrat leader was able to pose for photographs later posted to her official Twitter account:

Beatty shared another tweet shortly after that said, ”#GoodTrouble,” a reference to a quote from late Democratic congressman and civil rights radical John Lewis.

Capitol Police informed the press that Rep. Beatty was arrested for leading a protested in prohibited areas on Capitol grounds. Witnesses say she was seen smiling and laughing with Capitol police, a far cry from the treatment Trump supporters received on Jan 6. Lest we forget Ashli Babbitt’s murder at the hands of the D.C. police.

The purpose of the “protest” was to bring attention to, and urge Congress to pass the For The People Act, which seeks to federalize the election process by stripping state’s rights. The bill has been a controversial hot bed in D.C. since it passed in House earlier this year. The bill would severely disrupt American democracy in a way never before seen in history. It gives the federal government power over the election process, enabling fraudsters and corrupt officials to continue the stealing practices seen during the 2020 election.

Author: Nolan Sheridan