Pelosi Silent After Disgraced Democrat Gets Caught Guzzling Funds

How low can Democrats go? There doesn’t seem to be a bottom to the depths of their corruption, greed, and disregard for our values and laws.

Just take Democrat congressman Eric Swalwell. As a member of the House Intelligence Committee, he had access to information few in the country knew. Yet despite this serious responsibility, he was caught hobnobbing with a known Chinese spy, Christine Fang. He got so close to this woman, that the FBI had to intervene.

But did he get kicked off this committee? Of course not. Despite this damning story, Nancy Pelosi let him stay on this sensitive board.

Perhaps Swalwell thought he was home free. He can get away with anything now, right? Maybe not. Because now we are learning he screwed the pooch, by spending campaign cash on a lavish lifestyle.

Democratic Rep. Eric Swalwell of California reportedly spent thousands of campaign dollars on booze, fancy restaurants limo services and the luxury hotel where his wife once worked.

The Swalwell For Congress campaign committee spent over $500,000 in the second quarter of 2021 despite the fact that it’s a non-election year, FEC reports, which were first flagged by Fox News Tuesday, show.

The report shows that the campaign spent $21,200.75 in six separate transactions last April at the Ritz-Carlton in Half Moon Bay, California…

Nearly $11,000 was spent last quarter by the Swalwell campaign on luxury vehicle services, including more than $6,000 in 21 transactions with NYC-based Sunny’s Executive Sedan in the months of May and June. Just over $4,000 was spent in five transactions on California-based AA Limo Service LLC. [Source: Daily Caller]

The report also indicates Swalwell spent over $7,000 at swanky restaurants and more on luxury food items. None of it with his own money, but with campaign dollars.

Why is this all troublesome? Well, these large amounts of cash, used to benefit the Democrat, were from his campaign funds—during a non-election year. Campaign finance law is extremely strict. And it is the one area where even Democrats are forced to come down hard on their own. Plenty of Democrats have been taken to task over spending campaign cash wrongfully. Some have even gone to jail.

If it is shown that this money was spent on personal activities for Swalwell, his wife, and friends, he could be in big trouble. Swalwell will have to explain how all this spending was needed for his campaign, when he wasn’t running for re-election.

We all can guess at the truth: it wasn’t. Swalwell was dipping his fingers in the campaign bank accounts, so he can live the high life without spending his own money. That enough is a violation of law.

But he will get nailed for it? Something tells me no. He will either be able to explain it away or, even more likely, Congress won’t even bother to investigate. Hey, this guy was screwing around with a literal spy and didn’t even get a slap on the wrist.

Will Pelosi even care that he’s wasting campaign dollars on himself?

Author: Peter Anderson