Viral CNN Clip Clearly Shows Biden’s Slow & Steady Decline

On Wednesday, Joe Biden took the stage to promote his administration’s plan to destroy the country during a town hall event hosted by none other than CNN. The event will go down in history as the most radical, yet most awkward, jaw-dropping, puzzling, and hard to understand political showcase ever to be seen on television.

The cognitively-deficient president “discussed” numerous topics during the town hall — many of which would shock even the least conservative-minded voter in America. He pushed his mass vaccination efforts amid its declining popularity, a sweeping ban on 9mm pistols, and a series of other barely recognizable topics.

However, one moment from the CNN publicity stunt takes the cake.

Sleepy Joe was asked a basic question by leading CNN hack Don Lemon:

“Let me ask, when will children under 12 be able to be vaccinated?”

For whatever reason this question triggered something in Biden that should concern every single viewer. The “president” stuttered, stammered, malfunctioned in a way we’ve never seen before. He could not even utter a complete thought. It was a shocking sight and one that proves Joe Biden simply isn’t all there.

He responded:

“Soon, I believe,” Biden responded. “Now look, one of the things that I committed to do when I got elected, I said–”

You can watch his disastrous response here.

Take note: this is the supposed President of the United States.

*Beware: the sight of Joe Biden’s mental decline may disturb you*


This clip soon went viral after CNN aired the town hall event.

Conservatives and other concerned Americans of note voiced their worry over Biden’s inability to even keep one cohesive thought together.

Donald Trump Jr. posted the clip in shock and awe of Biden’s decline:

The Research Team at the Republican National Committee weighed in:

Leading conservative political strategist Caleb Hull voiced his concern:

The only remaining Left-Leaning journalist with ethics or integrity Glen Greenwald gave his thoughts on Biden’s decline:

Other notable responses included:

Pro-Freedom pundit Dave Rubin:

Columnist from The New York Post Sohrab Ahmari:

Senior Fellow at the Hudson Institute Rebeccah Heinrichs said:

Leading America First lawmaker Rep. Elise Stefanik:

Author: Nolan Sheridan