Tragic: Americans Lose Hope As Biden Leads Country To Disaster

There is no denying the regressive turn we’ve taken as a country since “electing” Joe Biden and Kamala Harris to the highest office.

The examples of U.S. decline are seemingly endless.

Open-border policies has overwhelmed the country and contributed to the spread of COVID-19. Woke initiatives have plunged the United States into chaos. Medical tyranny abounds as Dr. Fauci invents new reasons to keep the populous locked down and afraid. The collusive relationship between Big Tech, Mainstream Media, and the White House proves that radical Leftism is growing and becoming stronger.

…and the American people are taking noice.

A new poll determined optimism for the future of the United States has plummeted amid rising concern over the Biden administration’s management of the coronavirus and the growing authoritarianism that comes as a result.

Out of all respondents, a majority (55%) said they are pessimistic about the future of the country; a 36% increase from the same poll taken in May. Overall pessimism outweighed any hope the American people have for the future of this country as Biden and his goons lead us down a path of failure.

Meanwhile, only 45% of those surveyed have any feelings of optimism for America’s future. This is a rapid decline from the poll taken in May, where 64% of respondents reported positive feelings.

The drop in optimism appeared in Democrats, Republicans, and independents alike, as both the Republicans and Democrats saw a more than 20-point drop, while a 26-point drop was seen in independents. Approximately 71% of Democrats say they are optimistic for the country over the next year.

Americans are finally wising up the the COVID nightmare caused by the Biden administration. The sudden drop in optimism comes as Biden receives his lowest approval rating yet. The “delta variant” hysteria has backfired, causing many to realize the current administration’s intentions. The looming reality of another lockdown and mask mandate has created a dark cloud over the general optimism in the country.

Over 60% of those surveyed in the poll said they were either very or somewhat concerned about getting infected with the virus, while just under 40% said they were not concerned. The concern of being infected was higher in those who were at least partially vaccinated, at 67%, than those who were entirely unvaccinated, at 46%.

Author: Nolan Sheridan