Top Police ‘Defunders’ Are Hiding This Narrative-Changing Secret

Despite Joe Biden’s denials, Democrats across the country continue to support the defend the police movement.

In fact, even though we aren’t seeing the pre-planned riots of 2020 today, defunding cops has perhaps more support by Democrats today than it did last year.

Major blue cities have passed one measure or another aimed at depriving cops of their ability to protect communities. It has resulted in a surge of crime. In some cities (like San Francisco), people are loading up shopping carts with stolen goods—because there aren’t cops to stop them.

Clearly, these Democrats have left their own people to fend for themselves. But you want to know what’s really disgusting? These same liberals spent tax dollars for private security.

A report by Forbes shows that numerous Democrat mayors around the country hired private security after their cities cut or “proposed cutting” police budgets…

“25 major U.S. cities across the country” took up the defund the police cause and mayors in 20 of those cities “enjoy the personal protection of a dedicated police security detail.”

Moreover, Forbes emphasized that “the defunding of police — coupled with taxpayer dollars spent on police security details protecting public officials — only occurred in cities run by Democratic mayors.”

The cities where this occurred included Baltimore, Chicago, Denver, San Diego, San Francisco, and New York City. [Source: Breitbart]

You read that right. In twenty of the twenty-five major cities that defunded police, their mayors enjoy private security. Not only that, but they are using tax dollars to provide for themselves what they won’t provide for you.

Hmm… if these people think cops are so bad, why are they spending money on their own private police protection?

This goes beyond a few mayors. Even city council members in liberal cities are following the same pattern. They demand police budgets be slashed, so that PDs don’t have the resources to hire new cops, train them, and equip them. Meanwhile, these same council members have, in some cases, private police units stationed outside their houses.

Isn’t it nice to be a rich, corrupt, elitist Democrat? You can do anything you want, apparently. You can bring your city to the brink of ruin with high taxes, rampant homeless, and out-of-control crime. You can even attack and insult hard-working police. But you can also turn around and take tax dollars to enjoy security for yourself and family.

This is beyond a double standard. This is the kind of cruel, uncaring corruption you’d expect from a third world dictatorship. This is not the kind of thing you’d expect to see from any American leader, Republican or Democrat.

Yet these liberals think this is perfectly okay. More than that, they don’t even try to hide it, safe in the knowledge that the MSM won’t call them out.

But nothing’s stopping up from calling them out. And well will, until they are held accountable.

Author: Joe Smith