Biden Commits To Another Lockdown — Here’s When It Starts

Every freedom-loving American should be extremely concerned over the latest development coming from Biden’s White House.

Shamed out of taking the podium after her mask mandate disaster, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki took the day off, leaving Deputy Press Sec. Karine Jean-Pierre to take the heat.

During a Thursday press conference, Jean Pierre committed to another China Virus lockdown if the CDC or other globalist “health” organizations deem it to be necessary.

“We listen to the CDC, the experts, and their guidance…” Deputy Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre began.

When asked why Americans should trust Biden’s support for masking requirements, even for the vaccinated, Jean-Pierre replied, “Because we listen to the scientists, we listen to the experts.”

You can watch her mind-blowing response here:

Her response comes as the latest example of the Biden administration cowering to the so-called “experts” just as the country began thawing out after the past year-and-a-half. The first china virus lockdown nearly broke the country — both economically and spiritually — and if Biden truly understood that, he would not allow his press team to relay such a harrowing message.

Republicans in Washington D.C. are the only unified voice questioning the edicts coming from the CDC, especially this week after they flip-flopped on their mask guidance — again. The decision to recommend indoor masking, even for the vaccinated, comes as “the delta variant” spreads rapidly. Many GOP lawmakers have noted the CDC’s decision to reimpose indoor masking was made using data from vaccines not approved in the United States.

Biden continues with his overly-aggressive approach to vaccinate the entire country after he failed to meet his Jul. 4 goal. On Thursday, he announced a plan to mandate vaccines for all federal employees. The federal workforce is composed of over 2 million employees. Any government employee who decides to opt out of getting the shot will be required to socially distant and receive weekly COVID tests.

On Wednesday, the White House also reinstated masking guidance for staff and reporters in the building.

Capitol Hill is in an uproar after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi ordered Capitol Police to arrest any staffer or visitor to the capitol complex who is not wearing a mask.

Republicans defied Pelosi’s order, describing her actions as a misuse of power, and not based on science.

Author: Asa McCue