Pelosi Makes Demands In Washington – GOP Defies Her In Epic Fashion

Nancy Pelosi is a real piece of work. I’m not quite sure how the left tries to spin her brutal, cruel, vindictive reputation. But it’s pretty clear to everyone else that she is a woman with zero leadership skills.

What seems to motivate her at all times is hate. Hate for Republicans, Donald Trump, conservative Americans, and perhaps even law and order. As Speaker of the House, she is supposed to lead both parties. Instead, she acts like a dictator at the end of his reign, attacking all those who oppose him.

She recently flip-flopped, requiring masks in the House. In fact, she ordered police to arrest visitors and staff who refuse to wear a mask. Insane.

But at least one group of Republican staffers are refusing to comply with her demands.

Republican staffers defied Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) on Thursday evening by playing beer pong (with water) in a Capitol office hallway, smoking cigars, and socializing — without masks, courting arrest by Capitol Police…

Republican members of the House staged a maskless protest on the Senate side of the Capitol, where the leadership does not enforce mask mandates, though both chambers are under Democratic control and both claim to be following “the science.” [Source: Breitbart]

Young Republican staffers are doing what young Zoomers do best: mocking the stupidity of the establishment.

Democrats have completely lost the ball on the pandemic, vaccines, and mask mandates. Their narrative is falling apart, as more and more Americans lose faith in what they say. The left claims to be “following the science,” but their latest decisions prove they have no idea what they’re doing.

It seems more likely that, because Biden failed to hit his vaccination goal this July, he is getting desperate. The CDC and other Democrats are trying to protect him by pushing totally meaningless mask mandates for the vaccinated. None of them bothered to ask why people already vaccinated need to wear a mask. And they don’t expect us to ask either.

They just want us to blindly obey them. That’s what all this comes down to, after all. Don’t question our overlords. Don’t challenge their absolute authority. Just keep your head down, wear your mask, do “your part.”

Don’t question suspect election results. Don’t ask for scientific reasoning behind the latest rules. Don’t ask for your freedoms back. Just be a good little pawn, so that Nancy Pelosi and the rest of her cronies stay rich, fat, and in power.

But everyone knows the emperor has no clothes. And more and more Americans are refusing their game.

Let’s see if Pelosi will try to arrest these Republican staffers. Chances are she will, and it will be a badge of honor for each of them.

Author: Sam Jones