Kamala Harris Makes History — Just Not How She Hoped

The supposed sweetheart of the Democrat Party, their lifeline from America First politics, has proven to be an utter failure of epic proportions.

She’s a woman, she’s a Person of Color, she’s a Radical Liberal — everything about her seemed to be perfect despite her failed campaign for president. Remember? The one were she called her now-boss Joe Biden a racist on national television.

After a little more than six months in her current role, potential 2024 presidential candidate Kamala Harris has become one of the least popular vice presidents since the 1970’s.

It was reported over the weekend that two recent polls both showed 46% of Americans approved of Harris, with 47% and 48%disapproving.

With time to reflect, 42.1% of likely voters now approve of former Vice President Mike Pence’s performance at the same point in his term while 41.9% disapproved.

Before Pence, Joe Biden was the Vice President of the United States, garnering a 50% approval rating after six months in office. Before him, Dick Cheney and Al Gore were earning 60% approval ratings in their first six months in office. Even Dan Quayle, the highly chastised VP for George H.W. Bush had only a 22% disapproval rating.

Despite efforts to connect with young voters, Harris struggles to maintain a favorable image with America’s youth.

A recent Economist/YouGov poll found 41%of voters ages 18-29 had an “unfavorable” view of Harris, while only 36 percent viewed her “favorably.”

A recent survey from the Trafalgar Group found that a majority of likely voters and almost half of Democrats do not believe Harris is ready to step into the presidential role.

Biden has tasked Harris numerous initiatives, namely immigration and voting rights, both of which she’s failed miserably on. Her refusal to visit the border until Trump’s announced his visit struck a nerve with many Americans. Her record as a California prosecutor doesn’t help capturing the hearts of young Americans either.

Overall, Kamala is an embarrassment, a failure, and will be the catalyst for Biden — and the Democrat Party’s — total demise.

Author: Elizabeth Tierney