Pelosi Faces The Music After Failing to Uphold Her Own Promises

Can anyone say at this point that Democrats know how to lead? While Trump was in office, all they could do was complain and obstruct. These days, despite making many promises, all Democrats do is cause more problems and point fingers.

That’s especially true for House Democrats, led by old Nancy Pelosi. The woman knows her time as Speaker is coming to a timely close. Instead of using this time to help the American people, she continues to push partisan talking points and attacks. But people are beginning to see through her empty web of lies.

Recently, Democrats promised to extend eviction protections to Americans still struggling. But Pelosi was unable to get her own people to pass new legislation. What did she do? Well, like a good leader, she blamed everyone but herself.

Pelosi spent the weekend shifting who she was trying to blame for the debacle. Pelosi started by blaming the Republican Party and ended by blaming Biden’s CDC…

“In an act of pure cruelty, Republicans blocked this measure — leaving children and families out on the streets.”

“The CDC has the power to extend the eviction moratorium,” she falsely claimed on Sunday. “As they double down on masks, why wouldn’t they extend the moratorium in light of [the] delta variant?” [Source: Daily Wire]

Old Nance lied three times in her responses. Republicans, who are a minority in both chambers, do not have the power to “block” this measure. The CDC does not have the power to extend the moratorium. And now she is attacking the CDC over their latest mask mandate—when she herself supported it just a few days ago.

Geez, woman, can’t you do anything besides attack others? The real reason this measure did not pass was because the House was too busy with Pelosi’s bogus January 6 commission. Users online were quick to blast Pelosi over her dodging.

Leftist Peter Daou: “PELOSI, TRANSLATED: We control the White House, Senate, and House, and we’re powerless. Now let the evictions proceed as I get back to my insider trading…”

Rep. Kelly Armstrong (R-ND): “Speaking of doubling down…this isn’t even spin…it is a lie. The Supreme Court ruled (in June) that the CDC exceeded its authority by issuing a nationwide eviction moratorium and that congressional authorization was necessary.” [Source: Daily Wire]

Other people, including Democrats and leftists, criticized Pelosi for her double talk and dishonesty. They called out the Speaker for blaming others for her own failures. She is so dead set on persecuting Donald Trump, slandering Republicans, that she can’t even do something as simple as extending an eviction suspension.

It’s pretty obvious that Pelosi is not really interested in doing anything that benefits the American people. She is far more concerned with her vindictive campaign against her enemies, at all costs. She probably forgot about the eviction issue, until it was too late.

When AOC is admitting it was a failure, you know it’s pretty bad. For Pelosi to neither see this nor admit it, is downright pathetic.

Author: Sam Jones