Viral Transgender Olympian Fails To Live Up To Media Hype

So stunning. So brave.

Egg is on the face of Mainstream Media once again. They’re current meal ticket, a transgender bodybuilder from New Zealand, failed miserably during “her” trials at the Tokyo Olympics, proving once again that once you go woke, you end up broke.

The gender radicals in the Left-Wing media endlessly applauded the “stunning bravery” of the Kiwi athlete despite taking the place of a biological female more suitable for women’s sports.

There isn’t anything brave about aiding in the destruction of women’s sports, especially on the Olympian level. Allowing biological males to compete alongside females creates a serious disadvantage for women who have trained their entire lives to compete at the Olympics in the hopes of winning gold.

Still, Leftists and their cohorts in the media applauded Laurel Hubbard’s efforts and she was allowed to compete.

It did not go well Hubbard.

Transgender weightlifter Laurel Hubbard made her mark by competing in the women’s weightlifting at the Tokyo Olympics but couldn’t complete a lift.

Hubbard is not the only transgender athlete competing at the Tokyo Games, but she has been the focus of attention as a medal contender in weightlifting.

The New Zealander overbalanced on her opening weight of 120 kilograms, taking the bar behind her shoulders.

Hubbard’s second effort of 125 kilograms was ruled invalid on a majority decision by the referees. The third attempt was almost a repeat of the first, ruling Hubbard out of medal contention in the women’s over-87-kilogram division.

Athletes are eliminated if they do not record at least one valid lift in each of the two parts of the competition.

She isn’t the only occurrence of Woke failure on the Olympic stage.

Team USA soccer, with Megan Rapinoe as captain, has made headlines with their anti-American sentiment and constant ideological protests. It seems they’ve put the actual sport on the back burner for the sake of appearing as woke as possible.

The result was fatal, with Team USA losing to Canada for the first time in decades, squandering their hopes of winning gold.

Author: Sebastian Hayworth