New Yorkers Want Cuomo Gone, But He Just Won’t Leave

Democrat governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, is all but finished. He is under FBI investigation for how he forced sick patients into nursing homes (contributing to at least 5,000 COVID deaths). But that was just the start of his troubles.

This week, we discovered from New York’s AG that allegations against Cuomo over sexual harassment seem to be true. They accused the governor of setting a “pattern” of groping and mistreating female staff. Those people who got in his way he bullied, intimidated, and threatened to end their careers.

These shocking scandals have sparked an impeachment inquiry. Democrat lawmakers from the state are moving quickly to actually vote against Cuomo. Democrats in D.C. have openly condemned him.

And now, eve liberal voters from the state are turning on him.

Not only has New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo lost support from other elected officials and key labor organizations, but he’s also lost his goodwill with voters. That’s according to a poll conducted in the hours after a 165-page report was released regarding the sexual harassment allegations against him.

The Marist Poll announced Wednesday that 59% of New Yorkers want him to resign. Among registered voters, 63% say Cuomo should step down, including 52% of registered Democrats…

Regarding reelection, only 12% of registered voters in the state now say Cuomo deserves a fourth term, compared to 80% who want someone else. Six months ago, 36% backed him for reelection. [Source: Just the News]

Wow. I can’t imagine anyone coming back from these kinds of numbers. Fifty-nine percent of New Yorkers believe the reports of harassment and want Cuomo to resign. That number jumps to 63% when asked to just registered voters—signifying they’d vote him out if they could. Even 52% of Democrats want the man gone.

What’s even more shocking is that Cuomo has remained defiant, refusing to admit any wrong. We can’t say for sure if he’s guilty or innocent, but sheer mountain of accusations is hard to ignore. Other leaders have, under similar circumstances, apologized and resigned. At the height of the MeToo firestorm, countless politicians lost their jobs over fewer accusations (Democrat Sen. Al Franken was destroyed over a single photo).

Yet Cuomo really thinks he can weather this storm? If he isn’t impeached over these sexual harassment allegations, then he will certainly be indicted over the FBI investigation. And if that doesn’t take him down, there’s no way he’ll win re-election.

What’s ironic about all this is that, by refusing to resign, he’s ensuring his party’s defeat in the next election. If he were to leave now, that would open the door for a Democratic primary. They could nominate a strong candidate. But if Cuomo sticks around until the election, Republicans will have a tremendous advantage—since nobody wants to vote for this groping Democrat.

So, my take? Let the guy stick around! New York needs a conservative running the place.

Author: Sam Anderson