The One Battle Trump Refuses To Let Democrats Win

Donald Trump is not going down without a fight.

Whether that be big tech censorship, election fraud, or the war for his tax returns, the Former President refuses to give Democrats the win they so badly desire.

Last week, Biden’s Justice Department issued an order that Trump’s tax returns be turned over to Congress, specifically a House of Representatives Committee.

That’s right: the same House of Representatives featuring radical lunatics like Nancy Pelosi and AOC.

But now Mr. Trump is fighting back, refusing to allow the radical Democrats from peeking through his private financial records. The Former President’s legal team filed a injunction yesterday, arguing that the House of Representatives lacks legitimate basis for seeking his federal tax returns.

You can read the court papers here.

Trump’s lawyers reiterated their longstanding opposition to the handover, arguing that Democrats demanded the tax returns “to retaliate against President Trump because of his policy positions, his political beliefs, and his protected speech, including the positions he took during the 2016 and 2020 campaigns.”

The Justice Department reversed their Trump-era decision not to pursue his tax documents. However, Biden’s DOJ told the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to provide the Republican businessman-turned-politician’s tax records to congressional investigators – a move he has long fought.

The Democratic-led Ways and Means Committee has said it wants the tax data to determine whether the IRS is properly auditing presidential tax returns in general and to assess whether new legislation is needed.

Critics accused Trump of using the Justice Department to advance his personal and political interests during his four years in office, and the department has moved to reassert its independence since Democratic President Joe Biden took office.

After another legal fight, the Manhattan district attorney’s office in February separately obtained Trump tax and financial records in a criminal investigation centering on his company, though the material was not publicly disclosed.

The witch hunt continues!

Author: Nolan Sheridan