Trust In Biden’s CDC Is At An All Time Low

During the throes of the COVID pandemic, when the best Democrats could come up with to fight the virus was locking down their states, Donald Trump was doing the impossible. He cut through layers of red tape to ensure a vaccine would be ready by the end of the year. Despite criticism from the left (including Joe Biden), Trump delivered on that promise, providing three viable vaccines.

The Trump administration successfully rolled out these vaccines, first delivering them to the most vulnerable Americans. Into this year, it seemed like most Americans were eager to get vaccinated and see the end of this China pandemic.

But then, Joe Biden took over. And, as in nearly every issue, the Biden administration failed tremendously. He promised to vaccinate 70% of the country by July 4th. His administration failed to meet that guideline. Now, his CDC is flip-flopping on their guidance, to coerce people who have not been jabbed.

It seems like the constant rule-changing, finger-pointing, and flip-flopping has not gone unnoticed by the American people. Even as some states struggling to come out of the pandemic, Americans refuse to get vaccinated. Why? Because it seems like they just don’t trust Biden’s CDC.

A majority of likely American voters are not confident the federal government is reporting unbiased information on the effectiveness of vaccines for the Chinese coronavirus, a Convention of States Action/Trafalgar Group survey released Thursday revealed…

Overall, a majority are not confident that the federal government is presenting unbiased information. Just over 50 percent, 50.8 percent, said they are either not very confident or not confident at all. Of those, 37.4 percent said they are not confident whatsoever.

Meanwhile, 44.5 percent expressed confidence, and of those, 28.4 percent are very confident. [Source: Breitbart]

The Biden administration is working overtime right now to force people to get vaccinated. They are spinning whatever narratives they can come up with, to make it someone else’s fault, not theirs. The White House has attacked states like Texas and Florida, even though both governors have led successful vaccination rollouts.

But the constant shifting of rules by the CDC seems to be undermining their very agenda. If they want Americans vaccinated, why did they go back on their mask rules? Why should people get vaccinated, if they still have to wear masks? What’s the point of getting this vaccine, when they still are forced to live under these conditions?

Make no mistake, the country is in a much better place than where it was a year ago. And the recent “surge” is nothing like what we saw in the Spring of 2020. What’s most likely happening is a seasonal recurrence of the virus, much like the cold or flu. It is not some kind of “end of the world” crisis that liberal media is painting it to be.

What’s really happening is that Biden is embarrassed over his vaccine failure. Even the media can’t hide the fact that he missed his goal. So, his administration is struggling to find a way to get the numbers up, come hell or high water.

But Americans seem to be seeing through this charade. They are having a hard time deciding if they should get the jab, because agencies that should be neutral and information are coming off as political and biased. Why should someone trust the head of the CDC, when she keeps changing her tune with the weather? Does the science change this much? Not really.

If the government wants Americans to happily take the vaccine, they need to stop making this about Biden.

We’ll see if that happens.

Author: Timothy Graham