Obama’s Birthday Bash Was a Front For Something Much More Sinister

You probably heard last week that Obama was throwing a 60-birthday bash. An estimated 700 people were invited. Very quickly, he faced backlash, as Americans asked how he was allowed to violate ongoing restrictions set by the CDC.

We later heard that the party organizers were “scaling” back the event. But it came out that attendees were not allowed to post photos of the party online, raising concerns.

Now, we are learning that Barry not only lied about “scaling” back the event, but it was bigger than previously revealed.

Oh, and nobody was bothering to wear masks or distance.

Party footage from former President Barack Obama’s 60th birthday bash at his $12 million estate in Martha’s Vineyard shows hundreds of maskless guests at the celebration on Saturday night…

The birthday bash was quickly maligned on social media, with “Maskless Obama” trending on Twitter on Sunday afternoon…

Beyonce, Jay-Z, Steven Spielberg, Tom Hanks, George Clooney, and Bruce Springsteen were also among the A-listers on the guest list who reportedly showed up for Obama’s so-called “scaled back” birthday bash…

By the end of the night, a parade of taxis and SUVs leaving the 29-acre estate reportedly caused a traffic jam, which one police officer described as a “shit show” over his police radio, according to an event photographer. [Source: Breitbart]

I wonder how you can be COVID compliant under such circumstances? Reports suggest hundreds of people were there, so many that they needed to erect massive tents. Video and photos show large crowds packed together. Obama himself was seen dancing all night long, no attempts at socially distancing.

At the end of the night, so many taxis and SUVs showed up to cart away the most likely drunk guests, that it created a huge traffic jam.

Tell me something, do you think every last person at the that party was vaccinated? Sure, some of them probably were. But you can’t tell me that the hundreds of guests that attended all got the jab. But there appears to have been no attempts at keeping people spread out, no indication that masks were required. (They probably weren’t taking people’s temperature at the door, either.)

Yet these are the same people who lecture us day in and day out about how terrible we are for wanting to go to restaurants, church, and school without a mask. The same people who claim we are “killing” others because we don’t want to get vaccinated or follow their mandates.

It’s pretty clear that Obama and the rest of the liberal elite aren’t as terrified of COVID as they claim. These entitled, rich, leftists don’t bother following these rules, when they don’t think people are watching. Yet they scold us for simply wanting to go back to normal life.

Remember this the next time a Democrat tries to scare you about the “Delta variant” or anything else about COVID. If it really is as terrible as they claim, why isn’t the CDC or Biden criticizing Obama or his guests right now? If it’s so bad, we need to bring back un-Constitutional mandates, why was did Obama ignore all of it?

Is it because he and his hundreds of guests are above the rules? Or is it because they know all these mandates are garbage?

Author: James Anderson