Biden’s Favorite Communists Turn On Him – Make This Bombshell Accusation

Let’s get one thing straight: China is 100% responsible for the COVID pandemic.

Sure, we don’t know if the virus came from the Wuhan lab, yet. But all signs point to this virus being manipulated in the lab and breaking out into the region. At best, China is responsible for hiding the truth for months, allowing the virus to spread to all corners of the globe.

Yet despite all this, the communist nation refuses to own up to its massive responsibility. Few countries are even requiring China to answer for what they did to the world.

So, it’s no surprise that China is trying to deflect, as rumblings grow over an international investigation of the Wuhan lab. Recently, the Chinese government-controlled media tried to slander the United States and our COVID response. And while it was mostly dishonest propaganda, they got one thing right.

China’s state-run Global Times on Sunday claimed America is currently “repeating the nightmare of the country’s failures in fighting the coronavirus” with the “Delta variant rampage” and castigated President Joe Biden for wasting “too much time politicizing the pandemic.”

“However, in the eyes of some Chinese experts, the Biden administration has wasted too much time politicizing the pandemic, which has hindered the global efforts in fighting the highly contagious disease.” [Source: Breitbart]

China was right about Joe politicizing the virus, but wrong in how he’s politicizing it. Terrified that America will come after them over the Wuhan lab, China is claiming Biden’s efforts to investigate them are merely political. Not at all true. It is absolutely necessary for the U.S. and other nations to push back on the communist regime. There must be an investigation into the Wuhan lab, to discover just how this virus reached the world.

Ironically, China was correcting in say Joe is politicizing it. Just not in the way they claim. Biden’s only concern over this virus seems to be how he can use it for political gain. He spread all kinds of lies about the virus and Trump’s response to it last year. He called Trump’s closing of the border “xenophobic.” He repeatedly bashed Trump’s decisions early on, which were advised by men who now advise Biden.

And he even questioned the effectiveness of Trump’s vaccines, the very vaccines Biden is begging Americans to take right now.

Even to this day, Biden and Democrats exploit the virus for political gain. Things would be so much different if these scum bags actually cared about Americans and not using fear of this virus to expand their power. There would be no mask mandates, no lockdowns, no restrictions of any kind. And many more people would fine with getting the vaccine, since they wouldn’t fear it was being used to control them.

It’s odd that China could see how Biden is using the virus for political purposes (because China is doing the exact same thing). Sadly, it took a foreign, propaganda-driven media to say what our MSM refuses to say.

Author: Smith Anderson