Liberal Judge Puts a Shield Around Fugitive Democrats, See How…

Are Democrats ever held responsible for their misgivings? Are they ever culpable for their crimes?

It doesn’t seem so.

Time after time, one political party is given a pass regardless of the severity of their crime. Have you noticed almost nothing was said in the media about the fugitive Texas Democrats who smiled maskless in a Twitter photo before heading to D.C., only to catch COVID and spread it to Kamala staffers? Meanwhile, Fauci is on every Mainstream Media network preaching about the dangers of the Sturgis motorcycle rally in South Dakota – a red state.

Well, the House Democrats have returned to Texas without being subjected to arrest by state police after a Democrat State District Judge issued a restraining order against their arrest.

State District Judge Brad Urrutia in Travis County, which includes the state Capitol in Austin, Texas, issued the temporary restraining order late Sunday night.

The order is for 14 days unless extended by Urrutia and it blocks state police – on the permission of GOP Gov. Greg Abbott and GOP House Speak Dade Phelan – from “detaining, confining, or otherwise restricting” free movement of Texas House Democrats that fled the state to avoid losing votes in another special session.

The Texas House did not have a quorum when Gov. Abbott called yet another 30-day special session to pass needed legislation in the state, which also included election reform laws.

More than 50 Texas House Democrats fled to Washington, D.C., to break quorum on the last 30-day special session.

Abbott has authorized the state police to arrest Democrats upon their return to the state of Texas to bring Democrats back to the Capitol.

Speaker Phelan had signed a civil warrant for Democrat Rep. Philip Cortez when he returned to the state, but he left state Capitol again a few days later, according to the Tribune.

The Democrats who fled the state and are now plaintiffs in the suit against Gov. Abbott are:

  • Reps. Gina Hinojosa
  • Alma Allen
  • Michelle Beckley
  • Jasmine Crockett
  • Joe Deshotel
  • Barbara Gervin-Hawkins
  • Vikki Goodwin
  • Celia Israel
  • Ray Lopez, Armando “Mando” Martinez
  • Trey Martinez Fischer
  • Ina Minjarez
  • Christina Morales
  • Mary Ann Perez
  • Ana-Maria Ramos,
  • Richard Peña Raymond
  • Ron Reynolds
  • Eddie Rodriguez
  • Ramon Romero, Jr.

All of those Democrats broke quorum and left the state in July.

Author: Asa McCue