Abbott Wins: Supreme Court Green Lights Major Legal Battle

In the Great Era of Disappointment of which we currently live, it’s refreshing to witness some good being done in the political realm.

Well, some good was surely done on Tuesday when the Texas Supreme Court ruled against a liberal judge’s order to prevent Republican Governor Greg Abbott from issuing arrest warrants for a group of state Democrat lawmakers who absconded their duties and fled to Washington D.C. in protest of an election security bill.

The group of Democrats left Texas on a private plane in order to keep the Texas House from voting on measures designed to preserve voter integrity, a bill that would prevent biological males from competing in women’s athletics, and immigration restrictions. Upon their arrival in D.C.., the fugitives lobbied for the passage of the For the People “voter rights” act and even ignited a small COVID-19 outbreak.

After several weeks and $1.5 million in expenses later (paid for by the taxpayer), some of the Democrats returned, leaving around two dozen of their total group back in the nation’s capital.

Gov. Greg Abbott had announced, when the legislators left Texas, that they would be arrested if they showed up to vote, but on Monday, a judge signed an order temporarily blocking the governor from executing his plan.

The Texas Supreme Court overturned that measure on Tuesday, “temporarily blocking a state district judge’s temporary restraining order that had prevented the arrest of Texas House Democrats, who left the state last month in an attempt to stop the passage of restrictive voting bills.”

The Texas House has yet to reach a quorum, preventing the state’s legislators from voting to compel attendance at a special session, saving the Texas Democrats from facing law enforcement, at least for now.

Abbott’s office applauded the Tuesday ruling.

On Monday night, the Texas House voted to institute a “call to the House,” which means that legislators cannot leave the session except by express written permission from the Speaker.

This provides a unique challenge to the Democrat fugitives who refuse to do the job in which they were elected to do. The entire stunt was just that — a play to get the nation’s liberals on board with their cause.

Wouldn’t it be sweet to see these fugitives behind bars?

Author: Elizabeth Tierney