After Cuomo Is Forced To Resign — Biden Releases Stunning Statement

What did we tell you? After facing months of mounting scandals and a damning AG report, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo finally folded to the pressure. Yesterday, he announced he would be resigning from his post. Although, he continued to claim he did nothing wrong and that his accusers (and state investigators) were wrong.

Not sure how someone can claim to be innocent, but still resign. The report found that Cuomo had sexually harassed at least 11 female staffers. He claimed the lines had been “redrawn.” But I don’t think groping women in the workplace was ever acceptable (unless you’re in Mad Men).

Most of the Democratic establishment had turned their backs on Cuomo. But, good old Joe refused to throw the creep under the bus. After Cuomo officially ended his career, Joe Biden actually praised him. And even got testy when someone reminded him of Cuomo’s shame.

“Well, he’s done a hell of a job … a hell of a job,” Biden responded. “And I mean, both on everything from access to voting infrastructure to a whole range of things. That’s why it’s so sad.”

Several moments later, Biden fielded a question from a reporter who asked him, “Can you really say he’s done ‘a hell of a job’ if he’s accused of sexually harassing women on the job?”

“The question was, how did he do as a governor,” the reporter responded.

“No, the question was, correct me if I’m wrong,” Biden fired back. [Source: Daily Wire]

It’s always nice to see the “president” get into a bickering session with the media.

Joe Biden actually claimed Cuomo did a “hell of a job” as governor. This, despite the fact he was just outed for years of sexual harassment. And let’s not forget the fact that Cuomo is responsible for the deaths of at least 5,000 New Yorkers, after he forced COVID patients into nursing homes.

Hell of a job? What is Joe Biden smoking?

When pressed over his sexual harassment allegations, Biden tried to pivot. It’s almost as if he had already forgotten that Cuomo had been disgraced and forced to resign. He even said the entire development was “so sad.”

Not really, Joe. Cuomo got what he deserved. In reality, he should have faced much worse consequences, given the fact he broke the law numerous times.

But perhaps Biden sees a little bit of himself in Cuomo. After all, Joe was accused of sexually harassing women—but lucked out when the media and Democrats refused to turn on him. The only reason Cuomo’s out and Biden’s still alive politically is because of the unpredictable hypocrisy of the left. Biden was valuable to them, so they protected him. Cuomo was already facing a scandal, so they destroyed him.

Regardless, it’s nice to see Joe is continuing his bang-up job alienating the very press that tries to protect him. How long before they stop pretending like he’s a real president and start holding him accountable for all his failures?

Author: Sam Anderson